Critical Mass Archives

On occasion, we will post an original document from the five year history of the monthly worldwide celebration of human potential known as Critical Mass.

  • June 1994
    Critical Mass Rides going on around the world as of June 21, 1994 - excerpt from "Critical Mass Missives is DEAD! Long live Xerocracy!"
  • May 7, 1993
    Archetypal fragments from "Critical Mass Missives #2"
  • September 1992
    "Imagine 25, 500, even 1000+ bikes heading up Market together!"
  • Fall 1994
    "Critical Mass is more than just a bike ride"
  • November 1995
    "The oil war is our war, too." Detail
    In memory of Ken Saro-Wiwa, a great champion for human rights.
  • January 27, 1995
    ". . . be part of a rolling media experiment."
  • October 1994
    The dinosaurs scheme. . .
  • August 13, 1997
    A letter to the Examiner
  • Not from the Archive: a greeting from Michael Collins on the occasion of the August 29, 1997 ride.
  • Report on the August 29th Ride

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