This cyclist did not resist or struggle, but she was
held in this dangerous position with the full weight
of a police officer (Lt. Keith Sanford) on her back and neck with her arm twisted behind her for several minutes
Location: Market near Powell

Eye Witness Accounts of the
July 25th San Francisco Ride

A team of lawyers working on behalf of San Francisco cyclists would like to hear from you. Your eye witness account could be very helpful to someone who was wrongfully arrested and/or assaulted.

Also, Mary Dunlop at the OCC (Office of Citizens Complaints) is compiling police misconduct reports. Call her at this number: (415) 597 7711. (They have a very odd phone system. Don't be put off by it.)


  • A story we're following closely: the assault and arrest of a pedestrian photographer and the police riot at Market near Powell - photos

  • General narratives

  • What happened to the normal police escort?

  • The Sacramento Street arrests - 10 photos

  • Physical assaults on pedetrians and cyclists by employees of the San Francisco Police Department - photos

  • Cyclists singled out for intimidation and assault for being perceived opponents of Mayor Willie Brown

  • Five years of good relations between the San Francisco police and the riders of Critical Mass

    Write us at: with your account. Please make it fit one catagory or suggest a new one that you think is relevant to the goal of offering the side of the story the media has either left out or distorted beyond all semblance of reality.

    Editorial: The members of the San Francisco Police Department are working people, city employees, and the vast majority are decent people. Unlike our mayor, we're not into "city worker bashing." 99 times out of 100, where there is a problem it can usually be traced to upper management. On the other hand, because of the nature of their work, police officers must be held to a high standard of professionalism. The good ones have no problem with that, God bless 'em.


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