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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia


I was going to write you a long letter to try to explain to you that you are
simply forwarding misguided propaganda, but you wouldn't believe the things
that I've seen in the last several months in Kosovo (I was there as an aide
worker). It upsets me that voices I expect to be reasonable are so easily

Please take me off your list

Good luck in your other causes, but in this case you know not of what you

Dear subscriber,

Your one time presence in the country is
hardly a qualification for calling eye
witness reports of civilian casualties
and damage "misguided propaganda"
How on earth would you know?

Yours is the exact claim made against the
reporters who tried to report on the extensive
civilian casualites in Iraq. Even the publisher of
Harper's has written about the absolute
censorship of news on civilian casualties
in these attacks.  The UN Iraq relief program
director finally had to quit out of despair. There's
nothing even original pointing these things

Do you deny the economic war against Nicaraguan
civilians? Iraqi civilians? That the bombed Sudanese
pharmaceutical plant was a pharmaceutical
plant? Did you even read Michel Chossudovsky's
article - written in 1996 - that precisely diagrammed
the tragectory that has led us to where we are today?

No one denies atrocities in the region,
but atrocities are hardly the reason
for these NATO actions.

The US now admits to its role in
the murder of 200,000 Guatemalans,
nearly 20 years after the fact. Where
were you on this? Calling the people
who risked life and limb to report
on this "misguided propagandists"?

The attack on Yuogslavia is part of a
well established program of destroying
the social and economic infrastructure of
regions that threaten the "economic stability"
of us and our closest economic partners.
It's part and parcel of our "free" market.
What do you think the military is for?

Cuba, Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Nicaragua even Italy
right after WW II - any country with the
means to demonstrate a viable alternative
to the US economic order is theatened, starved and/or
bombed back into the stone age. There
have been no exceptions. Do you think the
banks, oil companies and industrial cartels
that control the US news media and government
would leave global economic development to
chance and thereby blithely put trillions of
their dollars at risk? You are naive and uninformed
if you do.

Yes these countries are run by unprincipled psychopaths,
but if that were a qualification for a military invasion,
we'd be bombing every capital on earth, including
our own.

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