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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

Index of Topics Covered

What this war looks like

Note: Only March and May dispatches have been indexed so far

Accuracy of bombing 50899a

Albright, Madeleine 32499b, 51399, 51799a

Amanpour, Christiane 51999a, 52599a

American Legion, rejects involvement of US troops 50799a

Apache attack helicopters 51399b, 51799a, 52499a

Arms Merchants 50999a, 50899a, 51799a

Bernays, Edward 330b99c

Bosnia 32699a, 51999a, 52599a

Chinese Embassy bombing: 50999a, 50899a; Doubts about US story 51199c, 51399c, 51299a; Opinion attributed to German Chancellor Schroder on the 51399b

Chossudovsky, Michel 33199c, 32699a

CIA 51399c, KLA 50599a

Civilian casualties: caused by NATO cluster bombs 50899a; media coverage of 52499a; NATO dissembling on the subject of 52199a; early reports 32799a; total NATO-caused 51799a; worldwide 33099b

Cluster bombs: cost of 50899a; description of 50899a; dropped on civilian areas 51399b, 50899a; Tom Hayden on 50799a

Counterpunch 51199c, 51799a

Covert Action Quarterly 51399c, 51299a

Cultural heritage sites, NATO bombing of 51399

Debray, Regis 51399, 51799a

Ecological hazards, created by NATO bombing strategy 51399b

Edelman Public Relations 51999b

Fabrication of atrocity evidence 32499b; by CNN 51999a; by William Walker 50799a; by US and British in World War One 51499b; by US journalists in Bosnia 51299a

Foreign Office (Germany) refutes Albanian persecution charges 50499a, 50599a

Hitler, Adolph justification for invading Poland compared to NATO's air assault by former Nuremberg prosecutor 52199a, propaganda techniques compared to NATO 50699b

Human Rights Watch 51399

IMF 33199c

Inhofe, Senator James: censorship of statements by US media 51099a, 51499a; statements on war by 51499a, 51499a; possible assassination attempt on the life on 51499a

International Action Center 32499b; articles cited 52599a

International Strategic Studies Association 51999b

Iraq 50899a, 50699b; similarity of NATO's tactics to those used in Yugoslavia 52499a

Jewish protest against bombing 51299b

KLA 51399; cause of one third of Albanian refugee movements 51999b; classified as terrorist group 50599a; criminal background of leaders 50599a; background of KLA general Agim Ceku 52599a

Military Professional Resources, Inc. MPRI 52599a

Milosevic, Slobodan 33099b, 51399, 50599a

NATO, changed function of 32499b, 51299a; pre-bomardment occupation demands 50599a; press release the day before declaring decision to bomb Yugoslavia 52199a

National Security Agency (NSA) 51399c

National Security Council (US) 33199c; hires Edelman Public Relations executive to coordinate internal US propaganda efforts 51999b

Propaganda (see War propaganda)

Radioactive rounds (depleted uranium) 50799a

Rambouillet Text 50599a; key elements blacked out in US news media52499a

Refugees: Albanian refugees fleeing deeper into Yugoslavia to escape KLA 51999b; Canadian UN commander suggests advisability of shelling of 52599a; comments by Senator Inhofe on 51099a; 51499a; killed by NATO bombing 51799a; lack of assistance provided for 51299b, 51199b ; US news media ignores non-Albanian victims 50599a, 51999b, 52499a; used by NATO for propaganda purposes 51299b, UN harassment of 51199b, 51199a

Robinson, Mary, UN High Commissioner on Human Rights 51399b

Saxton, James US Congressman 51999b

Seldes, George 51499b

Smith, Sam 33099b, 50599a; quoted 52499a

Social Security, funds used to pay for war 50699a, 50699c

Solana, NATO Secretary General Javier 51299b; admits NATO has no atrocity evidence 51799a; bombing carried out on his authority 52199a

Solomon, Norman 32499a, 51799b

State Department 32499b, 33099b; Cohen on Serbians 51799a; dismissal of civilian casaulties inflicted by NATO bombing

US news media 32499a, 33099b, 50699c, 50699b, 50999a; collaboration with NATO propaganda effort 52499a, 52599a; CNN's falsification of arocity evidence in the Bosnian civil war 51999a; FAIR analysis of US news media war reporting 51799b; Ted Koppel 50799a; Ted Turner 50999a

UN harassment of refugees on behalf of NATO 51199b, 51199a; slow to acknowledge civilian casualties of NATO boming 51399b; recent partnerships with multinationals 51199b

UK urging the use of ground troops 52199a

War costs 33099b, 50899a

War propaganda: comments by John Foster Dulles on 50999a; exageration of military success of NATO bombing 52499a; FAIR analysis of US news media war reporting 51799b; Hitler and 50699b; history of (WW One) and 51499b; NATO use 51299b; techniques of 32499a, 32499b, 330b99c; US uses of (historical) 51999a; US public relations firm executive hired to create 51999b

Walker, William 32499b, 50799a; background and record of falisfying evidence 52599a

Yugoslavia: economy 33199c; effect of bombing on the economy of 51999b, 32699a; 52499a; IMF 33199c; number of Serbs murdered by Nazi-allied Croats during WW II 51799a; US petroleum exploration in 33199c; worker mananged enterprises in 33199c

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