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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

May 4, 1999

"A lie can make it half way around the world before truth
has had a chance to put on its galoshes."
- Mark Twain

It appears the professional liars, and the mindless
parots who repeat their stories on TV, on the Internet
and elsewhere, outdid themselves in this war.

Was there "genocide" in Kosovo? Not according to
a year's worth of intelligence reports filed with
German courts by the German Foreign Office. Their
latest opinion:

"Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo have neither
been nor are now exposed to regional or
countrywide group persecution in the Federal
Republic of Yugoslavia."

Opinion of the Upper Administrative Court at Mčnster,
March 11, 1999 (Az: 13A3894/94.A)

Note the date. This assessment was produced by the
German Foreign Office in response to a courts' request
that was deciding the status of Kosovo-Albanian refugees
in Germany. The new Luftwaffe started bombing with its
American and British allies less than two weeks later.

Much, more more material showing that the German
Affairs Office had studied and rejected the Kosovo
genocide claim is available here:

Original source (in German): Junge Welt:

Passed along by Sam Smith:
(English language excerpts)

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