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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

May 5, 1999

Everything you need to know about Kosovo*

* But CNN was too busy showing you military

briefings and automobile ads to tell you...

"White House officials...said the bombing of Yugoslavia

would continue unabated until President Stobodan Milosevic

had bent to allied demands."

The New York Times - May 4, 1999

And what *exactly* are these demands - assuming that

the German Foreign Office's March 11 assessment

that there is no official persecution (let alone

genocide) of Albanians in Kosovo is correct?

Source: (in German)

(in English)

These are the demands Milosevic has refused:

7. NATO personnel shall be immune from any form of arrest,

investigation, or detention by the authorities in the FRY (Federal

Republic of Yugoslavia.)

8. NATO personnel shall enjoy... free and unrestricted passage and

unimpeded access throughout the FRY including associated airspace and

territorial waters.

11. NATO is granted the use of airports, roads, rails and ports

without payment...

15. [NATO shall have] the right to use all of the electromagnetic


Source: The Rambouillet Text of Feb. 23. Excerpts from Appendix (B)

In other words, in order to "bring peace" to the internal

affairs of a sovereign country, NATO proposed a total military

occupation of the entire Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

For refusing this, the country is being bombed back

to the stone age.

And who are the "freedom fighters" fighting the "civil war"

against the elected government of Yugoslavia that precipitated

this catastrophe?

The Kosovo Liberation Army: 1) classified as a terrorist organization

by the US State Department as recently as 1997, 2) reported

to be a major player in the European heroin trade by

Interpol, and 3) reputed by independent press to engage

in acts of terror against civilians of all enthic backgrounds

including Albanians.

As journalist Sam Smith points out,

the KLA is a group that was illegal to for US citizens

to send contributions to not long ago. Now they're

raising troops on US soil with the help of millions

of dollars worth of free PR from the AP, the New York Times,

and other equally braindead news outfits.

Let's see... drugs, terrorism, criminal membership,

front page support from the AP, the New York Times

and the DoD...couldn't be a CIA project, could it?

Nah. The CIA has never organized and funded

gangster insurgents with drug money and mainstream

media support. Right? Just in Nicaragua, and Southeast

Asia, and Afganistan, and Bolivia, and...

By the way, Serbs, Gypsies, Serb Muslims, as well as

ethnic Albanians have been made refugees by NATO's

assault. Why do we ONLY hear about Albanian refugees?

Tens of thousands of members of other ethhic groups

have been made homeless and impoverished by NATO

bombing in Yugoslavia as well. Why isn't that news?

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