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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

May 10, 1999

The body bags have arrived

"If a person wanted to start World War III based on the model that took place
for World War I, you would do exactly what we are doing. You would go in
there and say to Russia and China, we don't care what you say, we are going to
get involved in a war here and rub their nose in it. Keep in mind that
China and Russia have missiles that will reach the United States of America and 
they have every different kind of weapon of mass destruction to put on those missiles."

Statement made on April 29, 1999 (source at end of this post)

Meanwhile, I've been trying to find a mainstream, or alternative,
news media account that will answer two simple questions:

1) How long was the Chinese Embassy at its present location and
2) How far *exactly* was it from the ammunitions depot it was
supposedly mistaken for. All I've heard is "several hundred yards."
Several football field lengths.

I got the answer to first question from 74 year old
Ivanka Besevi in Belgrade:

"....The building was built in 1992, especially for the Chinese. The
builders even used Chinese architectural plans. It was beautiful. It was
never anything else but the Chinese Embassy.

It's... hard to believe that the American press is quite so gullible... Why
didn't they simply buy a current map in any store, in any country of
Europe? It couldn't have cost more than a dollar. A joke, that story."

"German Spiegel magazine reported that from sanctions previous to the war,
our economy has been brought down to the 1968 level, and that the war has
pushed it further, to the 1948 level...The military has not been hurt -
they are fast, in small units, well organized and of low profile. A
blundering giant is easy to avoid, if you are not a civilian. It is our
factories, neighborhoods, bridges, TV stations, schools and our own broken
bodies that are the most successful targets."

Source: Ivanka Besevi, May 10th edition of

Also, it appears that some of the "refugee camps" in Albania are not
what they appear to be which may explain why the refugee numbers
have been so grossly inflated:

"...we were approaching 400 sorties (per day) coming out of Ramstein Air
Force Base. These are C-17's (troop air transport) carrying our equipment
into Albania. You go over there and get on the ground (and) all (the)
troops are in tent cities, you see everything over there is American."

I've reveal my source for this information later. First, here's what else
this eye witness observer has to say:

"I interviewed some of these refugees two days ago. When I interviewed the
refugees, I found some things to be tremendously interesting. They all said the
same thing: In fact, they didn't have any problems until the bombing started.

"...the President is breaking the law today. I was over there just the last
three days and I went in there abroad a C-17. That C-17 had multiple launch
rockets, all of them hot, ready to be fired, two of those, along with two
pallets of additional ammunition, a humvee, and a bunch of troops. So
troops are over there right now, within sight of the border of Kosovo."

" of the units that got in there when I got there was the mortician
unit. So the body bags have arrived."


United States Senator James M. Inhofe
Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee
April 29, 1999 - Delivered from the floor of the Senate

Note the date.

Did you know a US Senator was saying these things from the floor
of the Senate just ten days ago?

But Senator Joseph Biden did get a chance to have *his*
voice heard. This Sunday on "Meet the Press" he said:

"...but the Europeans have never led anything. We are a European
power.  If we are not pushing this, the whole thing will collapse."

That message was brought to you courtesy of General Electric (NBC)
which is also, along with ABC, CBS, and CNN, making sure you
don't hear what Senator Inhofe has to say. Could the situation
and the forces that are pushing forward be any clearer?

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