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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

May 12, 1999

The current demonstration of merciless
terror and violence directed against Yugoslavia
makes sense as part of a larger US plan
I only just heard about for the first
time in this important article written
well before the NATO assault began:

"Washington is forging ahead with complex,
ambitious, and risky plans, if not to supplant,
at least to rival NATO, whenever it balks at
American cowboy operations. The program is already
well entrenched in Eastern Europe, where the Pentagon
has bilateral military programs in 13 countries.
Plans to expand into the Caucasus and former
Soviet Asia are in the works."

Source: NATO and Beyond By Ellan Ray and Bill Schaap
Covert Action Quarterly

An obvious first "exercise" for this group would be the
military occupation of one of the few political entities
in the region not willing to play ball with NATO II.
It looks like the nearly century old obsession to
contain Russia by any means necessary is still
alive and well making the destruction of one of its
staunchest allies in the region a high priority

>From another article attached to this one at the
above URL (and the end of the "page" with
two other articles intervening):

"As the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina got underway in mid-1992,
American journalists who repeated unconfirmed stories of
Serbian atrocities could count on getting published,
with a chance of a Pulitzer prize. Indeed, the 1993 Pulitzer
Prize for international reporting was shared between the
two authors of the most sensational "Serb atrocity stories"
of the year: Roy Gutman of Newsday and John Burns of the
New York Times. In both cases, the prize-winning articles
were based on hearsay evidence of dubious credibility."

Source: Seeing Yugoslavia Through a Dark Glass:  Politics, Media,
and the Ideology of Globalization - Diana Johnstone
Covert Action Quarterly


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