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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

May 13, 1999

"In our time, political speech and writing are largely the
defence of the indefensible..." - George Orwell

The daily reports from continue
to be exemplary. If nothing else, let as many people
as possible know about the daily reports from this
courageous 74 year old reporter. It's the best
way to keep up with the human reality of what's
going on in Yugoslavia.

Today, she's pointed to this site:
an ongoing list of the cultural heritage sites that
have been damaged or destroyed by bombing so far. I
guess what the Nazis didn't accomplish, NATO is going
to finish. The extent of damage to churches, monastaries,
and other landmarks has not even been hinted at by the
US press.

We've archived two of the pages here in case the site
goes down:


Secretary of State Albright, whose Jewish family was rescued
from the Nazis and supported by a Serbian family during
World War II, is actively discouraging members of Congress
who are attempting to put forward a reasonable peace plan.

11 members of Congress from various parties and viewpoints
have come together to endorse the plan that includes an immediate
halt to the bombing.

"The proliferation of congressional diplomatic forays over the past month
has surprised many experts -- International Relations Committee Chairman
Benjamin A. Gilman (R-N.Y.) said he could not "recall a situation" like
this in recent history -- and raised questions about foreign policy
leadership on both Capitol Hill and at the White House."


The French writer and activist Regis Debray who was jailed
in Bolivia for fighting alongside Che Guevara has just returned from
a week long tour of Yugoslavia:

"On the "genocide of Kosovars", Debray notably cited Los Angeles Times
correspondent Paul Watson as saying that arson, looting and murder erupted
in the first three days of the strikes -- March 24 to 26 -- but that
"he had found no trace since of a crime against humanity."

Debray said he and others believed Serb forces drove Kosovar Albanians out
in the first days when KLA snipers went into action in Pristina and that
"uncontrolled" forces staged acts of repression "probably with the
complicity of local police."


Human Rights Watch has expressed its concern about
NATO's tactics in a letter to Secretary General Javier

"Among recent incidents giving rise to these concerns are: the destruction
of factories and other property belonging to political supporters of
Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic; attacks on Yugoslavia's electrical
transformers; the destruction of several of Yugoslavia's television and
radio stations; several bombings of civilian objects such as the May 7
bombing of the
civilian hospital in Nis and the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade, and the
bombing of civilian vehicles because they were mistaken for military
vehicles or were crossing bridges or near other installations at the time
they were attacked."

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