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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

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March 26, 1999

As of today, President Clinton is now in violation
of the 1973 War Powers Resolution, the one created to
prevent another Vietnam War. He is, in essence,
now using the US military to pursue a purely
personal agenda without the Constitutionally required
approval of Congress. He is the first president
to overtly violate this law since its passage.

26 members of Congress have filed a lawsuit in federal court
today to have the law enforced and the military assault
ended. The 60 day period a president has to use the
military without Congressional approval ended last night
at midnight. (More on this at end of dispatch.)

This should have been front page news in
every newspaper in the US and the lead story
of every news broadcast. Was it even reported?
The AP ignored it. So did Reuters. Instead
they reported "record bombing" by NATO.


>From Keep Faith

"Over 10,000 bombs fell on Yugoslavia. NATO admits to only 9 mistakes.
Congratulations. I don't know if this is interesting enough for you to
publish, but it's our current situation."

"Prianovici, near Pozega in Serbia, is mentioned in almost every bombing
report. No one knows why they are getting bombed as much as they do.
There's only some 200 families living in this farming village, trying to
farm between the bombings - the only thing standing between all of us and
starvation come winter.

"We don't really know how many were exterminated, as the smoking ruins of
the homes, hospitals and businesses are still being sifted for the victims.
We might never know, as the new, exciting weapons NATO experiments with
have a tendency to destroy human bodies in such untidy ways (except, God
help us, the thermal bombs that are self-contained crematoriums) that it's
sometimes impossible to sort the shreds of bone and flesh enough for a

Madame Ivanka Besevic, 74, retired journalist
reporting daily from Belgrade


President Clinton is now using the military in direct
violation of all US law

May 26, 1999

                    Clinton in violation of law
   Had 60 days to pull-out of Kosovo or get approval -- neither has happened

       WASHINGTON, DC -- As of 12:01 am Wednesday, May 26, President
Clinton will be in clear violation of the 1973 War Powers Resolution. This
is the first time a president has violated the resolution since its
       "President Clinton has nothing left to claim: he is in complete
violation of the Wars Powers Resolution, there is simply no other
interpretation," said US Rep. Ron Paul (R, TX).
       Rep. Paul is one of 26 Members of Congress who have filed a lawsuit
in federal court against President Clinton in regards to his violation of
the War Powers Resolution and the US Constitution.
       "No one can argue that a president must, when there is a direct,
clear and present danger to American lives, take defensive actions to
protect our national interest. However, 60 days ago this president decided
to take aggressive action against a sovereign nation; and has since had
congressional authorization rejected by a vote of 427 to 2," said Rep. Paul.
       Under the War Powers Resolution, a president may engage in
hostilities for 60 days without congressional approval. At the end of the
60-day period, however, the president must have either received a
Declaration of War, received authorization to continue the action for
another set period of time, or begin withdrawing the troops. Since the
bombing of Yugoslavia began, the president has been denied a declaration of
war and authorization.
       "Once again, though, President Clinton is demonstrating his utter
disregard for the Constitution and laws of this nation. He apparently views
himself as a king, rather than the president of a constitutional republic;
he must believe that his will is the law, rather than the Constitution and
acts of Congress," said Rep. Paul. "To say this president is anything but 
dangerous and reckless would be a gross understatement."
       Rep. Paul said that while many presidents have violated, with the
unspoken consent of Congress, the constitutional responsibility for the
initiation of war, President Clinton has done so more frequently and
brazenly than any other this century.
       "While I am hopeful this president will change his course, recent
history has shown this president holds no more respect for court orders
than he does for the Constitution or the War Powers Resolution. If he shows
the same contempt as in the past, our nation faces serious trouble."


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