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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

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June 1, 1999

Unreported NATO accomplishments

We can rely on the AP, the Washington Post and
the New York Times to relay NATO's various claims
on its front pages: "The bombing is working" "We
have hit very few civilians" "The (bridge, refugee
shelter, hospital, TV station etc.) was a legitimate
military target."

But who's reporting on the international repercussions 
of the bombings and the price we'll all have to pay
for years and years to come, long after the war is over? 

From an article by Tariq Ali entitled
"The Fallout in Europe" published by  

"The Ukraine was the only country in the world to 
renounce nuclear weapons and unilaterally disarm. A 
few weeks ago its Parliament voted unanimously to
revert to its former nuclear status. The deputies 
claimed that they had foolishly believed the United 
States when it had promised a new norm-based and 
inclusive security system. NATO's war on Yugoslavia 
had destroyed all their illusions...

On 30 April, a meeting of the National Security 
Council in Moscow approved the modernisation of all 
strategic and tactical nuclear warheads. It gave the 
green light to the development and manufacture of strategic 
low-yield nuclear missiles capable of pin-point strikes 
anywhere in the world. Simultaneously the Defense ministry 
authorized  a change in nuclear doctrine. First use is 
no longer excluded... 

In the space of several weeks, Javier Solana and Robin 
Cook, former members of European Nuclear Disarmament, have 
re-ignited the nuclear flame."

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