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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

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June 3, 1999

Save lives, save a democracy
National war protest: June 5

The government of Yugoslavia has agreed to
NATO's peace terms, but apparently agreement
is not enough to stop the carnage. As this
evening's AP article ("Clinton Welcomes Kosovo Agreement")
informed the world with quotes from seven US officials,
the US has more bombing to do.

1. President Clinton: Until Serb forces begin a verifiable
withdrawal from Kosovo, we will... continue the military
effort that has brought us to this point

2. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright: The
confrontation cannot end until these terms are
complied with and implemented.

3. Defense Secretary William Cohen: Until such time
as we're satisfied that they  intend to fully comply
with the agreement, then the air campaign will continue.

4. State Department spokesman James P. Rubin: We need to
codify this and have it implemented for it to be meaningful.

5. Presidential spokesman Joe Lockhart: We're dealing with
someone who has made promises before and has not kept them.
It is prudent to be cautious.

6. Pentagon spokesman Kenneth Bacon: We have to see performance,
not promises.

7. Air Force Maj. Gen. Charles Wald: Until there's agreement,
they're a military target.

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