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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

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June 4, 1999

Seven reasons to be at the protest on June 5

1. Before the bombing, Yugoslavia had agreed to peace
terms in Kosovo, but would not agree to NATO's
demand that NATO troops be allowed to occupy the
entire country.

2. The US and NATO were aware that the bombing
would worsen the refugee situation, but proceeded
with it anyway and failed to make adequate
preparations for the refugees.

3. Civilian installations (hospitals, bridges,
television stations, schools, food processing
plants, electrical power plants) were classified
as legitimate military targets and bombed.
Over 2,000 civilians have been killed by NATO
bombing to date.
(First brasscheck report on civilian casualties: March 30)

4. As of May 26, all US involvement in this war was
in violation of the War Powers Act and the Constitution
of the United States

5. The bombing has re-ignited the nuclear arms race and
created distrust for the US around the world

6. The bombing is being paid for with the US Social
Security fund and is eliminating the US budget surplus

7. The bombing continues today even though the Yugoslavian
Parliment has agreed to the peace terms

March June 5, 1999

In Washington: Starts at 12 noon at the Vietnam Veterans
Memorial and marches to the Pentagon. (Due to overwhelming
public pressure, the march's permit was approved after
initially being rejected.)

In San Francisco: Gather, 11 a.m. UN Plaza, Market St.,
between 7th & 8th Sts. March, 12 noon to Dolores Park,
18th & Dolores St.for rally beginning at 1 p.m

The latest news:

"Clark said NATO troops, working with international relief workers,
will try to persuade refugees in camps in Macedonia and Albania to
delay returning to Kosovo. But "this may not be possible," the general
acknowledged. "This is going to be a tough, difficult, dirty job."
Source: "Troops Are Ready To Enter Kosovo"
Washington Post 6/4/99

"Raytheon Co. expects to receive about $1 billion in orders to
replenish stocks of cruise missiles and other weapons fired
during the air war against Serbia, the company's chief executive
said yesterday."
Source: The Boston Globe 6/4/99

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