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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

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June 7, 1999

In case you thought the bombing was over

"I don't see any difference in the behavior of NATO and of Hitler.
NATO wants to erect its own order in the world, and it needs
Yugoslavia simply as an example: 'We'll punish Yugoslavia, and the
whole rest of the planet will tremble."

Alexander Solzhenitsyn - Quoted by

BRUSSELS, June 7 (AFP) - NATO said Monday it had resumed bombing
of Yugoslavia at intense levels after the break down of talks on
a Serb withdrawal from Kosovo.

"Operations on Day 76 (of the air campaign) are underway and
accelerating towards their prior intensity," the alliance said
in a statement.

More on this from: - Ivanka Besevic

"To sum it up: The NATO generals announced that they changed
their mind about everything. There'll be no UN overseeing the
occupation. Instead of the UN presence, NATO will be the supreme
decision maker, with only the NATO troops handling everything.
The shell game is complete. No one here is surprised at all,
although there are plenty disappointed. I guess we all keep being
naive, despite all the evidence."


The New York Times marches on

"Now, onward to the next Kosovo. If there is one"
- Headline across the top of the front page of the
Week in Review section

"After victory, it's tempting to think about making
a habit of bombing for peace"
- Subhead from same article

Take out the qualifiers, "if there is one" and
"it's tempting to think...", and you have rhetoric
comparable what appeared in the newspapers of the
Third Reich. The important difference being during
the Third Reich statements like these came from a
depraved madman with dictatorial power over the
press. In the US, the press *volunteers* them
under the guise of "critical analysis."

If the Times reported on the peace demonstrations
in San Francisco, Washington DC, and elsewhere
they hid it pretty well. I couldn't find a mention
of them, nor of the fact there is a large and
active worldwide anti-war movement opposing the
bombings that includes the governments of many

Sam Smith sends this along from Greece's Council
of State, the highest administrative court in
that country:

"NATO's offensive against a sovereign
European state, unprecedented in the post-war
years, is an affront not only to the ethical
principles of Greek and European civilisation,
but also to the fundamental precepts of
international law. This latter is a legal issue
and should not be overshadowed by the moral
revulsion that is justly provoked by this
cowardly and barbaric attack."

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