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Analysis of the US-led Assault on Yugoslavia

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July 12, 1999

*** War crimes charges filed against Clinton and Cohen ***

The news Brasscheck has been waiting for... and the news you probably
haven't heard. 

An individual with deep institutional credibility has prepared and filed 
a detailed case against Clinton and Cohen for the wanton slaughter they 
directed in the recent US-led assault on Yugoslavia.

It turns out that despite entirely successful manipulation by
the US news media - the AP, CNN, the New York Times, the
Washington Post, NPR and hundreds of other lesser lights -
the facts of the criminal enterprise engaged in by the US
in Yugoslavia will not be so easily swept under the carpet. 

Since the news of these charges has been pretty much
universally censored by the US press, I encourage you to 
consider making a special effort to forward  this dispatch to 
friends, colleagues and ethical members of the media. 

Ken McCarthy -

Here are excerpts from an article on the filing published by 
Insight Magazine and written by James P. Lucier

"Former chief counsel for the House Watergate committee, 
Jerome Zeifman, has filed charges before the International 
Criminal Tribunal seeking the indictment of Clinton and Secretary
of Defense William Cohen for alleged war crimes and crimes
against humanity. These formal legal documents have been 
submitted to the [U.N.-established] International Criminal Tribunal
for the former Yugoslavia, or ICTY, at The Hague.

Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat whose meticulous preparation 
of the case against Richard Nixon forced the Republican president
out of the White House, is serious. And it raises concerns that, 
in an age of internationalism and depreciated national sovereignty, 
the president of the United States as well as the defense secretary
could be placed in the same defendant's box as Slobodan Milosevic, 
the indicted Yugoslavian war criminal.

. . . . Zeifman tells Insight the proposed indictment specifically 
incorporates all the charges of war crimes already pending 
against Milosevic and his henchmen and supplements them with 
the charges against Clinton and Cohen. Since the "aggressive 
military attacks" against Serbia and Kosovo were not necessary 
to defend the United States, the proposal argues, they fall under
the category of "nondefensive aggressive wars" as defined and 
prohibited in the charter of the Nuremberg tribunal in 1945 and 
since included in the 1947 U.N. Charter and subsequent Geneva 
conventions on the treatment of civilians during wartime. 

In particular, the proposed indictment cites "War Crimes: namely,
violations of the laws or customs of war [including] murder, 
ill-treatment . . . of civilian population, ... wanton destruction 
of cities, towns or villages, or devastation not justified by military
 necessity. Crimes against Humanity: namely, murder ... and other 
inhumane acts committed against any civilian population, before or 
during the war." 

 . . . . Zeifman anticipates that (Jimmy) Carter would be called 
as a witness -- as well as Walter Rockler, a former Nuremberg 
prosecutor for the United States -- and notes that Carter charged
in May that the United States had launched 14,000 missiles and bombs,
 4,000 of which were not precision-guided. These included cluster bombs 
"that have resulted in damage to hospitals, offices and residences of 
ambassadors, and the senseless and brutal killing of innocent civilians 
and conscripted troops."

Partial text from the proposed indictment:

. . . . 1. The Armed Forces of the United States, acting under 
orders of defendants CLINTON and COHEN have executed a 
nondefensive aggressive military campaign against former 

. . . . 2. Defendants CLINTON and COHEN and others have 
committed or aided and abetted actions which they knew, 
or had reason to know, would result in the following:

. . . . COUNT 1 
 . . . . The killing, injuring, terrorizing and destruction 
of the homes of thousands of Serbian and other civilians 
in former Yugoslavia, including, but not limited to such acts 
described by former President Carter as 
. . . . 1. 25,000 sorties and 14,000 missiles and bombs, 4,000
of which were not precision-guided, as of May 1999,
. . . . 2. The use of antipersonnel cluster bombs that have 
resulted in damage to hospitals, offices and residences of 
ambassadors, and the senseless and brutal killing of innocent 
civilians and conscripted troops; and 
. . . . 3. The use of specific types of cluster bombs that are 
designed to kill and maim humans and are condemned almost 
universally by other nations, as are land mines.

. . . . COUNT 2 
. . . . The provocation of the government of former Yugoslavia 
to continue to increase the murder, terrorization and deportation
of Albania civilians in Kosovo, and such acts as are charged in 
the May 24, 1999, indictment of Slobodan Milosevic et al., that 
are described by Bishop Artemios of Kosovo as resulting in the 
destruction of democracy in Yugoslavia...
. . . . Respectfully submitted by Jerome M. Zeifman, Esq., 
June 8, 1999.

Full text of the article here:

More details as I get them.


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