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  • 1/27/98 - District Attorney Terence Hallinan declares "legal" the secret polling places opened by operatives from the mayor's office on behalf of the "Yes on D & F" campaign. Hallinan is a long time ally of Mayor Brown and was an ardent supporter of the stadium bond measure.

  • 10/31/97 - Deep backround on both the DeBartolo Family and Willie Brown. Two important new exhibits.

  • 9/5/97 - District Attorney Terrence Hallinan lets "Yes" precinct captain charged with two counts of felony election fraud skate.

  • 8/16/97 - A field trip to Visitacion Valley, another one of the neighborhoods Willie Brown knew he could "count on."

  • 7/27/97 (posted) - The Reader's Digest reports a case that bears an uncanny resemblence to reports from the San Francisco stadium vote.

  • 7/25/97 (posted) - One of this site's contributors, investigative journalist Peter Byrne, harassed by the Mayor's Office.

  • 7/14/97 (posted) - A normal election in San Francisco? Internal files and memos from the newly re-opened Department of Elections.

  • 7/13/97 (posted) - Missing ID badges, the not-for-the-public poll workers list, and "official" poll observers acting strangely.

  • 7/13/97 (posted) - The weird ballots. No privacy, easy for observers to read, misleading language, and more.

  • 7/11/97 (received) - An interesting exchange of letters between the Mayor and a Bayview-Hunters Point Deomocratic Club that opposed the stadium deal.

  • 7/9/97 - Why the Department of Elections is the way it is. A revealing organizational chart.

  • 7/9/97 - How Mayor Brown deals with the local news media. No detail too small.

  • 7/8/97 - What happened to the dozens of complaints San Franciscans called in to the Department of Elections the day of the election? Were they saved? Were they trashed?

  • 7/6/97 (posted) - Here's an analysis of the last article that appeared on the election fraud investigation in a major daily newspaper. What do you make of it?

  • 7/3/97 (received) - What examiners found before the Director of Elections Germaine Wong closed the election records to further investigation.

  • 7/3/97 (received) - Former SF housing commissioner asks the feds to investigate stadium election finances.

  • 7/1/97 (received) - The incredible saga of the disappearing election records. Now you see them. now you don't. If there's nothing to hide, why won't Director of Elections Germaine Wong and Mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown let Doug Comstock examine the voter books of precincts where fraud is suspected?

  • 6/24/97 (received) - The letter from Zachary Reed of the San Francisco Housing Authority, dated May 30, 1997, requesting that the Registrar of Voters set up special polling places "at our 'Big Four' sites" three days in advance of the June 3rd election. The $2,000 check paying for these services from the federally-funded Housing Authority. Also a memo from the office Secretary of State dated 2/21/96 to all California County Clerks and Registrars of Voters warning them not to set up "special," early polling places for partisan purposes.

  • 6/21/97 - In spite of a near total press blackout on the issue, San Franciscans are beginning to learn more details about the irregularities in the stadium election as well as the mayor's subsequent maneuvers to prevent investigators from examining the voting records. Scores of protesters marched in front of the Fairmont Hotel, the headquarters for the 65th Annual Conference of Mayors, to show their concern.

  • Video stills of personnel from Mayor Brown's political staff handling ballots and supervising the ballot counting process: Georgia Dunn and Steve Nelson. Also, some background on Germaine Wong, Jim Ross, and the San Francisco press.

  • Photo of the "Yes" precinct captain arrested on two felony counts of voter fraud - presumed innocent until proven guilty

  • 6/17/97 - Press Release from the Committee to Stop the Giveaway. Note: This group opposed the Stadium propositions on fiscal and legal grounds. Obviously, they have a point of view. On the other hand, the information they've provded us to date has been signficantly more reliable than what we've received from the Director of Elections and the San Francisco District Attorney's Office.

  • Bogus Parking Permits

  • 6/12/97 - Press release from District Attorney's office
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