3 things you MUST know about the coronavirus

The news media won’t tell you

The news media is loyal to their friend and sponsors, not you

The medical industrial-BS news media complex is going to fail to tell you some very basic things about the Coronavirus.

1. Steroidal medicines and over-the-counter NON-steroidal medicine like Tylenol and Advil may make things coronavirus worse. (See video.)

(China may have found this out the hard way which is why their death rate was so high.)

2. The annual flu vaccine REDUCES your resistance to Coronavirus. That according to 2016 study commissioned by the Department of Defense.

(China started MANDATORY flu vaccinations in 2019.)


3. Simple soap and water does a better job than hand gels.


I have to be frank. It’s exhausting doing the basic public education that the New York Times, CNN. Fox, NBC, Washington Post etc. can’t seem to manage. If you think this work is useful to you, support it. Thanks.

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