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Small town Psy Ops

“Walkout for peace” Who is organizing this? I live in a small village in a region that’s a mix of small cities, suburbs and country (cows, cornfields and fruit farms.) We get our government propaganda undiluted and this leads to some pretty interesting discoveries. I remember when Kevin Klose, then head of NPR, came back to his home town near mine to give a “local boy makes good” talk “to the folks.” What did he talk about in the fall of 2002 – a full seven months before the invasion of Iraq? This man, head of NPR, told local...

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“The Maoist abandonment of reason”

Professor Nicholas Christakis attacked by whacko student at Yale Students shriek: “You don’t get to talk” The Yale directive: “Halloween is also unfortunately a time when the normal thoughtfulness and sensitivity of most Yale students can sometimes be forgotten and some poor decisions can be made including wearing feathered headdresses, turbans, wearing ‘war paint’ or modifying skin tone or wearing blackface or redface. These same issues and examples of cultural appropriation and/or misrepresentation are increasingly surfacing with representations of Asians and Latinos.” Professor Erika Christakis wrote: “American universities were once a safe space not only for maturation but also...

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Blowing America’s Mind

A True Story of Princeton, CIA, Mind Control, LSD and Zen Interview with Paul J. Davids It’s no secret that the CIA was (and may still be) involved in testing mind-altering drugs on unwitting subjects. In this exclusive Brasscheck TV interview, we learn how that program manifested at Princeton University in the 1960s. Subjects were told they were going to be taught hypnosis and would learn methods to overcome personal challenges in their lives. What happened once the experiments started was a very different story. A rare, unique first-hand account of the unethical medical experimentation the CIA conducted on...

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The corruption of science

From Climate Etc. “You will agree, you will not question” Science is a wonderful thing and has made a lot of the positive things in our life possible. What happens when science and scientists are corrupted by politics and hysteria. In every country run by madmen – Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, USA Today – science gets corrupted. What does that mean? Results are skewed to please the rulers. Scientists find the results they are paid and rewarded to find and “dissenters” are punished. No checks and balances. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to...

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YouTube and the news

Use YouTube, don’t be used by it Someday, they may succeed in censoring questions and dissenting opinions If you question the government version of events, you are now a “conspiracy theorist” who needs to be censored. At least that’s YouTube/Google’s version of reality. In the “old days” there were only three new networks TOTAL which made control of the news easy. Then along came the Internet. The powers that be would definitely like to put the genie back in the bottle and their trying has hard as they can. Someday, they may succeed in censoring questions and dissenting opinions....

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