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Putting a target on the back of Occupy

A Wall Street/FBI/DHS collaboration No warning to Occupy leaders Fletcher Prouty made it clear… You don’t have to actively kill a political figure, you just have to remove security at the critical time. Thus, the Secret Service non-protection of John F. Kennedy in Dallas and the fact the Los Angeles Police didn’t have a single officer at the Ambassador Hotel the night that Robert F. Kennedy was killed. Then there is the fact that the FBI knew that sketchy Saudis were taking flight training in Florida and Minnesota, but ignored the reports of its own field agent and let...

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Stop the record destruction at ICE

Death in custody, sexual abuse and more Click here to: Say No I’m concerned that NARA has granted ICE permission to destroy records of death, sexual abuse, solitary confinement, and other abuses in custody. These records are critical for holding ICE and its agents accountable for abuses past and future, and are a vitally important part of the historical record. The thousands of disturbing complaints of sexual assault, excessive solitary confinement, and death in custody will go unpunished – and there will be no justice done – if you allow ICE to destroy these records on the timelines described...

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Former Dallas police chief calls out bad cops

The rarest thing on TV When is the US going to clean up its police? Do you ever hear cops criticize bad cops? It happens, but very,very rarely and almost never publicly. Instead, they close ranks and state that everything police do, no matter how outrageous or criminal, is justified. Then they burn through millions of dollars every year having their criminal actions defended in court free to them at tax payer expense and when multi-million dollar judgements against them come in, that gets paid by the taxpayer too. Here’s a man who was Chief of Police of Dallas...

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Reforming police departments

How to take control of your local police It’s your police department If you’re rich and live in a well-to-do neighborhood, police provide customer service. In other neighborhoods, citizens are cash cows and a source of filling quotas. Is there a solution to this? Yes there is. A former Baltimore police department talks about the movement to put police under local control. Right now it’s the police departments that tell us how they will police us and police behave more like the private armies of politicians that public servants. That’s backwards and it’s got to stop. More information: Brasscheck TV needs...

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Government goes on a crime spree

“Equitable sharing” Federal-local scam If you give police an incentive to steal property…they will steal property. Welcome to the world of civil forfeiture. All in a day’s work at the “Justice” Department upside-down world of civil asset forfeiture. If the government even suspects that you are involved in a crime — without a trial — they can take everything you have. Just because the DOJ suspected that there were a number of drug users in the Caswell’s mom-and-pop hotel, they took the shirt off of their backs. Indeed, DOJ would never have tangled with the larger corporate motels in...

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