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The decline and fall of California

The richest state in the country and the poorest What’s going on and where it is headed? California…the richest state in the country and the poorest. If you’ve never traveled in the “non-glamorous” part of California (Modesto, Stockton etc.) you can’t imagine what bad shape they’re in. What’s going on and where it is headed? Victor Davis Hanson, a free market advocate, points out a big part of the problem comes from Silicon Valley which has paid off the government to exempt it from the law. One point I take exception to: He calls the crooks who run the...

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The credit card scam explained

A game that’s designed to ensnare you If credit card ads were honest From the good people at “Cracked” the reality of the credit card business explained. Ever heard of “digital money”? If you’ve got and use credit cards you’re already digital. Real cash? The powers that be would like to eliminate it entirely and go 100% digital. Why? Here are three bogus reasons: 1. “Only bad people use cash” 2. “It’s good for the environment” 3. “It’s more convenient” Here’s the truth: Credit cards are optional. Once the entire population is forced to go 100% digital it will...

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Why Puerto Rico is broke

A long series of government and Wall Street rip offs No mercy This video is from 2016 – before the storm. It explains why Puerto Rico is broke. Puerto Rico was in dire financial circumstances before the storm…as the pathetic excuse for a human being in the White House likes to remind the people there as they go without food, water, and electric power. How did it get there? Would you believe a long series of government and Wall Street rip offs? Details from John Oliver. A video about the current situation. (Note: Puerto Rico is part of the United States and...

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The rent bomb

Abandoned store front High rent blight Free money for big banks… High interest (and rent) for everyone else. Here are some of the weird distortions this is creating in the economy. Stacy and Max are talking about how this is effecting New York City, but you can see this in malls all over the country. Empty stores are a form of “speculation.” Keep it empty because maybe a bank will come along and rent it for 3x the normal rate. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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The truth about the Trump budget

Promises turn to hot air Mr. Bankruptcy The truth about the Trump budget: He and his friends are not only heartless, they’re not very bright either. He’s proven to be a weak man who says “Yes” to every monied special interest group… The Pentagon, Big Pharma, Bloated Law Enforcement, Homeland Security, the Private Prison Industry, You name it, he’s folded to them. But unlike past presidents, he’s not going to be able to fiddle while Rome slowly burns. The crescendo of federal fiscal mismanagement which is many decades in the making may be approaching its final terminal point. Brasscheck...

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