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Two shooters at Florida school

Here we go again Drill, multiple shooters Eye witnesses are very clear: two or more shooters. One young woman said she talked with the unarmed gunman (!) while shooting was going on in another part of the building. Interestingly, the clips were not from broadcast news media reports, but from people who filmed onsite news media interviews that were not put on the news. Did the “code red” alarm sound before the shooting started? Several eye witnesses say that it did. How does that work? Also, it was the second time the alarm had been sounded that day. Strange....

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Non-argument for the moon landing Neil deGrasse Tyson

You don’t need to be a scientist to have common sense More smoke and mirrors from “scientist” Neil deGrasse Tyson Neil deGrasse Tyson drops two total BS bombs in the first minute of this video. I’m surprised that Rogan who is usually a pretty intelligent guy fell for then. Maybe he thinks Tyson is a real scientist. Here they are: 1) “Look at all the fuel they were loaded up with. It was enough to get to the moon” and 2) “It would have been harder to fake the landing than actually go to the moon.” #1 – It...

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John Judge predicted the future in 1993

False flag terrorism and the strategy of tension “We’re their real enemy” 24 years ago one independent journalist predicted EXACTLY where we’d be today. John Judge saw the “Islamic terror fraud” coming from a mile away long before 9/11. He knew who the “new” enemy was going to be. He knew that the “Muslim threat” was going to be used to consolidate power for the few and strip freedoms and economic power from the many. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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The San Bernardino false flag

It happened on December 2 Pawns in a deadly game An eye witness said she saw three white guys with big athletic builds do the shooting at San Bernardino. How did that turn into two small-framed, dark skinned people, one of whom was a 90 pound woman? “An unidentified source told an NPR journalist that witnesses appeared to recognize Farook by his voice and build.” That’s all the evidence that exists against the couple who was blamed for the attack. Let’s break this down… An unidentified source (in other words nobody)…told NPR (a well known “war on terror” propaganda...

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The false flag that started the Vietnam War

There was no torpedo attack in the Gulf of Tonkin How Lyndon Johnson lied us into a catastrophe This is a bit slow moving video, but stick with it. It’s full of gems: 1. The “incident” never happened and at least one of the radar man on duty knew and reported it (“Radar men” were later blamed for the false report.” 2. The Gulf of Tonkin resolution and all the immediate retaliatory actions after the “incident” had to have been planned weeks if not months in advance of August 4th. 3. We were lied into the Vietnam War with...

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