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Another false flag in Syria

Democrats for war No investigation Another false flag in Syria It’s hard to believe the war mongers are running this show again – but they are. And it’s working – thanks to the Clinton people i.e. CNN, MSNBC and others. A conspiracy of lies to promote war to line the pockets of weapons makers. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what it’s always been about. And Clinton and her millions of idiot supporters are lining up to cheer – just as they did when her husband was bombing civilians in Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Now the right wing lunatics...

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Regime Change USA

From Hawaii to Iraq 100+ years of overthrows The book is called “Overthrow” and it charts the 100+ year history of US-forced regime change. “Overthrow: America’s Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq” by Stephen Kinzer. Why do we do it? It’s not hard to figure out why. There’s big money in it. Stephen Kinzer received criticism from Noam Chomsky in his book “Manufacturing Consent” as a journalistic “errand boy” for the Regan administration. This book may be an attempt to get on the right side of history and rehabilitate his reputation. Note: This interview was recorded in...

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Another unbelievable school story

Nothing makes sense Expert questions unanswered The Secret Service provided the Ft. Lauderdale school with security training. The FBI, not local police, were the first responders. Students and teachers talked cleary about two or more shooters. A school security expert talks about the total implausibility of the official story. And let’s not forget Las Vegas Las Vegas, when a middle aged, out of shape and partially disabled man with no combat shooting experience suddenly became an all-pro Special Ops shooter. There is still NO video showing how all the weapons got to his hotel room or who else came...

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Who are you going to believe?

A teacher-eye witness or talking heads from a New York TV studio? Confirms student report of “army guy” Who are you going to believe? A teacher-eye witness or talking heads from a New York TV studio? Florida shooter was in “full battle gear.” This confirms a student report of “army guy” captured on video the day of the shooting. The witness claims to have been talking to the alleged shooter who was unarmed – as shooting was taking place in another part of the school! Best download this one. The student eye witness video has been removed from YouTube...

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Two shooters at Florida school

Here we go again Drill, multiple shooters Eye witnesses are very clear: two or more shooters. One young woman said she talked with the unarmed gunman (!) while shooting was going on in another part of the building. Interestingly, the clips were not from broadcast news media reports, but from people who filmed onsite news media interviews that were not put on the news. Did the “code red” alarm sound before the shooting started? Several eye witnesses say that it did. How does that work? Also, it was the second time the alarm had been sounded that day. Strange....

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