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The original FEMA camps in 1942

150,000 immigrants and citizens imprisoned No charges, no trial, no due process There’s legitimate concern about plans for mass internment in the US based on race, religion, or politics. It’s already happened. In a mirror of the Nazi’s behavior, any US citizen with as little as 1/16 percentage of Japanese ancestry – including orphaned infants – was subject to mass incarceration. 130,000 mainland Japanese Americans – many full citizens and the children of citizens – were forcibly relocated from their West Coast homes during the spring of 1942. In Hawaii, where the 150,000-plus Japanese Americans composed over one-third of...

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Panama: George Bush Sr’s dream war

An invasion of unspeakable savagery When the US got back into the atrocity business The US invades Panama December 20, 1989… After Vietnam, Americans lost their faith in the “moral infallibility” of the Pentagon. George Bush Sr. made putting the US back into the atrocity business his highest priority. A look at his invasion of Panama in 1989. Savagery against civilians that would have made the Nazis proud. The full movie: “The Panama Deception” Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Behind the Pearl Harbor Attack

There’s more to the story… A surprise attack? Not quite In the mass media, this issue is barely raised and if it is, it’s raised to dismiss it as a half-baked “conspiracy theory.” But in serious academic military history circles, the consensus of real historians is that the US not only deliberately provoked the Japanese into the attack on Pear Harbor, they also knew it was coming and let it happen. The comment by the Project for the New American Century, headed by people like Dick Cheney, that the US needed a “new Pearl Harbor’ takes on new significance...

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The little war that could

Revisiting the Grenada invasion The murder of a natural leader After the Vietnam War, pretty much the entire US populace was sick of war and militarism. The idea that we would ever again get involved in aggressive overseas “adventures” was unthinkable. Of course, now we’re everywhere and now openly antagonizing Russian. How did this happen? One word: Grenada. The little, mostly forgotten military action by Ronald Reagan that put the US back on the road to total war, all the time and everywhere. How did Reagan and his bloodthirsty clients do it? They portrayed the building of an airport...

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The American Holocaust

The unhealed wound Subjugation, termination, reservations… Joanelle Romero began putting this film together in 1995. It was originally intended to be a 90 minute film, but due to a lack of funding, this 29 minute version released in 2001 is all that’s been completed so far. Romero traces direct connections between the Nazi holocaust and the slaughter of millions of Native Americans – at least 19 million by conservative estimates. The US policy towards Native Americans was studied, praised and emulated by Adolph Hitler. That’s a historical fact. Apartheid leaders in South Africa and dictators in Latin America emulated...

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