Category: War Crimes

The little war that could

Revisiting the Grenada invasion The murder of a natural leader After the Vietnam War, pretty much the entire US populace was sick of war and militarism. The idea that we would ever again get involved in aggressive overseas “adventures” was unthinkable. Of course, now we’re everywhere and now openly antagonizing Russian. How did this happen? One word: Grenada. The little, mostly forgotten military action by Ronald Reagan that put the US back on the road to total war, all the time and everywhere. How did Reagan and his bloodthirsty clients do it? They portrayed the building of an airport...

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The American Holocaust

The unhealed wound Subjugation, termination, reservations… Joanelle Romero began putting this film together in 1995. It was originally intended to be a 90 minute film, but due to a lack of funding, this 29 minute version released in 2001 is all that’s been completed so far. Romero traces direct connections between the Nazi holocaust and the slaughter of millions of Native Americans – at least 19 million by conservative estimates. The US policy towards Native Americans was studied, praised and emulated by Adolph Hitler. That’s a historical fact. Apartheid leaders in South Africa and dictators in Latin America emulated...

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Lethal Autonomy

(As the Drone Flies) by Ralph Nader From War By “Lethal Autonomy” As the Drone Flies by RALPH NADER The fast developing predator drone technology, officially called unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs, is becoming so dominant and so beyond any restraining framework of law or ethics, that its use by the U.S. government around the world may invite a horrific blowback. First some background. The Pentagon has about 7,000 aerial drones. Ten years ago there were less than 50. According to the website, they have destroyed about 1900 insurgents in Pakistan’s tribal regions. How these fighters are...

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The US news media and war

Warning: Strong adult language Why does it take a comedian to tell the truth You know what the greatest predictor of future wars in America is? Watch the US news media. When they start the war drums, war is not far away. The terrible thing is: It works. They pass along lies and hysteria and “the people” buy it. Of course, the people don’t really buy it. The anti-war demonstrations before the attack on Iraq were among the largest in the history of the world. But the news media reported none of it. Instead it have the pro-war yahoos...

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The backstory of the My Lai Massacre

Seymour Hersh recalls How the story broke The original official report which appeared on the front page of the New York Times said it was a combat engagement that left 120 Vietcong dead. In reality over 500 civilians, mostly women and children, were killed in cold blood. 18 months later Seymour Hersh received an anonymous tip and the public finally learned the truth. The mainstream news media had zero interest in his research. Only a small, independent publication was willing to cover the story. A little know part of the story is that it was an America helicopter commander...

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