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The power of nonviolence

Gene Sharp explains how it gets the job done Nothing “soft” about it Gene Sharp, author of Gandhi Wields the Weapon of Moral Power (1960) and From Dictatorship to Democracy (1993), speaks here about his life’s passion and work. Sharp has walked what he talks for decades. As a young man, he was sentenced to two years in prison for civil disobedience during the Korean War. Sharp states, “There is nothing weak about a technique of struggle which can take the legitimacy away from a repressive government; which can produce a defiant population uncontrollable by the police and military...

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Is China buying Detroit?

They’re helping more than we are Reversal of fortune Apparently, Chinese investors see the potential in Detroit more than our own country does. They come into it with fresh eyes and no history. Thank goodness: Poor Detroit is in a sad state of affairs. Honest people have been forced into stealing scrap metal to survive. There are few alternatives but gang life and hustling. Perhaps there are worse things than a giant foreign power owning swaths of a former great American city. Such as, America not caring enough to invest in it ourselves. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck...

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Henry Ford’s Hemp Plastic Car (1941)

Program length – 0:33 Related… Oxford English Dictionary Definitions hemp 1) (in full Indian hemp) Asian herbaceous plant. 2) its fibre used to make rope and stout fabrics. plastic – capable of being moulded; pliant, supple. The word plastic comes from the Greek “plastikos,” meaning “moldable.” Conventional plastic is not biodegradable. This means that our landfills will grow and grow. Plastic materials are based on a finite resource that will not be available to future generations. Plastic has many uses, from packaging of food and industrial products, to insides of cars, casings of electronic items, film, storage bottles, containers...

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An unnatural obsession with safety equipment

Program length – 16:35 Related article… Helmet Nazis and the Culture of Fear by Karen De Coster I despise the Safety Nazis and the culture of fear they have created. Wear a helmet. Don’t go out when it’s too hot. Don’t leave your home when it’s too cold, and if you do, heed the 1,001 warnings. Be afraid at all times. Run for cover. Lock your children in enormous safety devices called car seats. Buy a stroller built like an armored Volvo, complete with side air bags and ironclad sun protection. Stay inside if the wind blows or...

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“If See Something, Film Something” You have a right to film the police

Eavesdropping Related article… Illinois judge rules state eavesdropping law unconstitutional By Muriel Kane Raw Story …As explained by the Chicago Tribune’s Megan Crepeau, “The whole thing hinges on the idea that police officers have an expectation of privacy as they perform a public, taxpayer-funded duty. This law, in effect, punishes the public for holding its officials accountable to a public standard. The original intent — to protect private conversations from being recorded — has nothing to do with that.” The decision came in the case of an artist named Christopher Drew, who was arrested in December 2009 for selling...

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