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School lunches

Sold to the lowest bidder School lunches are a dumping ground for excess commodities “The school lunch program is by and large a disposal system for agricultural commodities. The farmers grow too much of various things, the government buys it from them to support their prices and their welfare and then dumps it on schools.” explains journalist Michael Pollan. This is why you find mostly highly processed, fatty, terrible quality food in schools across the United States. It’s worse than you think: there are rules the require the school lunch program to buy food from the lowest bidder. Imagine if...

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The Thinning

A movie about where we’re headed Sci-Fi or documentary? Schools as prisons…one national test for all…political demagogues…thuggish cops working on behalf a corrupt government…population control. This new movie has it all. Here’s the trailer. But frankly it looks a lot more like a documentary than a sci-fi horror flick. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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“There are not really schools any more. They’re prisons – without the rights”

Teachers unions run amok More at This is a very important film about a topic that is rarely discussed: The use of the criminal justice system to persecute children. It’s a growing nationwide problem and it’s totally out of control. Teachers, administrators, and school boards are largely there for a pay day only and the interests and rights of children mean nothing to those who dominate. Just like the prison guard’s union in California took over that state’s budget and made it into a prison industrial complex (simultaneously starving and destroying what was once one of the best...

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