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How did Kurt Cobain die?

A dangerous profession Suicide? Being a high profile popular music star with progressive leanings is a very dangerous profession… Jimmy Hendrix, John Lennon, Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, just to name a few. Not saints to be sure, but high profile people – with millions of fans – who did not buy the party line and weren’t shy about saying so. Kurt Cobain fit the mold. How did he die? Suicide? No way. What happened to the body? It was cremated. What happened to the shotgun? Not dusted for prints for 30 days and then given to Courtney Love who...

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The Assassination of Martin Luther King

Another CIA-LBJ-Hoover production He opposed the war… The lone nut theory… When you want to kill someone and you don’t want to show your hand, find, fund, and manipulate yourself a “lone nut.” That’s what the Mafia does and it seems to work equally as well for their senior partners in the US government. Even though no one believes the story – except a handful of paid writers and newsanchors (and even they don’t believe it) – it’s a good one to put in the history books for the kids. All you need to do is track the movements...

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Who really shot Ronald Reagan?

Two shooters A distraction and the real shooter On this day in 1981 newly elected President Ronald Reagan was shot. Or was he? A little known fact: A bullet wound was never found. So what really happened? Likely, two shooters. The patsy who did real damage to real people and and second one who missed the mark with a high tech weapon. John Judge lays out the case. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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The work of Mark Lombardi

Another “Enemy of the State” who ‘killed himself’ An artist on a mission Eight months before an idiot son of the Bush crime family “won” election for president… A year before Osama bin Laden became famous for 9-11… Mark Lombardi, who had just achieved a major breakthrough in his career as an artist, reportedly hanged himself in his Brooklyn studio. His art form? Drawing intricately detailed diagrams of the relationship between the Bush family and its allies, the Bin Laden family, and other global criminals. If there are people who commit political murders and then stage them to look...

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Remember the Seth Rich murder?

“You’re not even allowed to ask questions” Remembering the fraud of the Clinton campaign Fact: DNC employee Seth Rich was murdered after leaking info about election fraud. We still don’t know who killed him. “It was a botched robbery…” but the killer left his wallet first of cash and watch. Jimmy Dore and Joe Rogan go over the case. Then comes a discussion of the suitability of Hilary Clinton as candidate for President. “You can’t just fall asleep while standing up and be President.” Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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