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“Completely spontaneous” manufactured protests in Iran

One million people homeless Years of saber rattling Endless saber rattling… It’s been going on since the Carter administration. Iran is a much bigger country than Iraq, it has more people and its military is in great shape. Its commanders are veterans of the bloody Iraq-Iran War and they know their business. We can barely deal with a ragtag band of tribal fighters in Afghanistan and ex-Iraq military armed with improvised weapons in Iraq. How is our overextended military going to deal with a real military? What a war with Iran would be like Iran – The country, the...

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“Iran far stronger than US would like to admit”

Program length – 6:47 Will the Strait of Hormuz turn into the next Pearl Harbor? Economic Policy Journal The thinking has always been that Iran wouldn’t shut down the Strait of Hormuz because they use it for their own export of oil. But, if the United States [sanctions] makes it impossible for Iran to sell its oil, then a key factor that would stop Iran from blocking the strait would be removed. Does Iran have the capability to block the Strait of Hormuz? I also put that question to Captain Kline. Here’s how I reported it in the EPJ...

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“Accusing Iran of 9/11 echoes Iraq scenario”

Deja Vu U.S. judge rules Iran abetted 9/11 attacks NewsWorks A federal judge in Manhattan has ruled that Iran was complicit in the 9/11 attacks. Among the thousands killed in the terrorist strikes were more than a dozen Bucks County residents.  The judge, who received affidavits from members of the 9/11 Commission and three Iranian defectors, made the decision in a lawsuit filed on behalf of some of those Philadelphia area families, and others. The decision is shocking, said University of Pennsylvania political science professor Ian Lustick. “This is a major political statement and for the judge to establish...

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6/9 US businessman visits Iran

People-to-people interaction Talk by Rick Steves In another talk, Steve’s made the following observation: “It’s a good idea to get to know people before you start bombing them.” That would have saved us a lot of problems over the years, wouldn’t it? Some facts: 1. Iran has a population of 66 million people – twice of Iraq’s 2. Unlike Iraq, Iran has not had its military beat up for the last twenty years as Iraq did before we invaded it 3. Iran is not three separate people – Sunni, Shiite, and Kurds. It’s one people and they are Persians,...

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