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“The world has changed”

Yes it has, people have lost their minds Insanity in the Homeland Lest we forget, “Homeland Security” – besides originally being a Nazi term – is a cash cow and “Full Employment Forever Act” for security types. Here is an example of the ludicrous extremes this cash cow is being milked in small towns across America. A town in the middle of nowhere believes it needs metal detection screening, drones and snipers to safely mount its high school football games. If I were a cop worried about being laid off (rightfully so with DECLINING crime rates), I’d love this....

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“The Thistle and the Drone”

The wrong war against the wrong people A very important book Terror from the air. Who is getting hit hardest by Obama’s (now Trump’s) drones? Rural civilians – women, children, the elderly – most of whom have nothing to do with terrorism. How did we go from “America’s War on Terror” to a global war on war on tribal civilians, mostly poor, mostly rural? These people value freedom, honor, and community life and oppose centralized governments. The governments of the countries these tribal people find themselves in don’t like them and are happy to use the America’s “war on...

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Shutting down news on YouTube

Warning: Very disturbing footage at 10:50 “Don’t discuss Syria, 9/11, Iran” Censorship of independent news on Google-owned YouTube continues. One of our favorite channel producers explains what they’re up against. They’re facing the same kids of things we face: 1. Having subscribers deleted 2. Having the counter on our videos frozen Meanwhile, YouTube is hosting videos of children being abused – and monetizing them. For real. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Will Brasscheck TV survive to 2018?

How to help Support Brascheck TV Click here to learn how you can support BrassheckTV Because we have been around longer than almost any independent news source on Internet – 20 years this years… …We have been subject to more dirty tricks than most, but a lot of this is new to relative new comers. Now the gloves are off and the corporate state is dropping the hammer on all of what’s left of alternative news on the Internet. There’s only one way outlets like Brassheck TV can survive… Click here to learn how you can support BrassheckTV Brasscheck...

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First Wikileaks, then the New York Times

“A conspiracy to commit journalism” An attack on all journalism The Trump regime and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III are n the process of shutting down what’s left of the news media. Here’s how they’re going to do it… After smearing Wikileaks in every possible way (with even Wired Magazine is involved), they’re going to go after their Wikileaks’ methods in court. What’s their method? Inviting sources to provided information. In other words: practicing journalism. If Wikileaks is taken down this way, every journalistic enterprise can be taken down. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions...

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