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The past, present and future of Haiti

Conan O’Brien pays a visit Setting the record straight I was traveling and missed this great story, but better late then never. Conan O’Brien learns some Haitian history and then visits the country and talks to the people with humor, intelligence, and kindness. The fact is the people of Haiti defeated Napoleon’s army and liberated themselves from France and abolished slavery not long after the US won its revolution. In contrast, it took the US nearly 100 years after its Declaration of Independence to abolish slavery. By depriving France of profits from the slave and sugar trade in Haiti,...

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“No sovereignty for you” said US to Haiti

The story of the Haitian takeover 200+ years of dirty tricks When Jean-Bertrand Aristide was voted in as the Haitian president in 1990, Western powers took notice and did not approve. How did they respond? Just a quick overthrow via coup de taut. UN forces overthrew Aristide and keep him in exile until he agreed to uphold neoliberal principles. How did the people of Haiti fair? They’ve been suffering under the economic system ever since. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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