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National Whistleblowers Day

Ten heroes honored July 30 Today is the day we honor true heroes of humanity. They’re the people who risk it all to bring the truth corrupt government and corporate officials don’t want us to know. Ten heroes whose stories you should know. “When you’re confronted with an ethical challenge, you’re either going to rise to the occasion and try to stop the behavior or you’re going to rationalize it and stay silent.” The overwhelming majority of people choose the latter. Very often whistleblowers pay a terrible personal price for their work. Their courage in the face of danger...

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The real story behind “don’t tase me bro”

Notice how the media duped you Visit him at I’m sure you remember the “don’t tase me bro”. I bet you don’t know why he was tased. The hero of this story: Andrew Meyer, a 21 year old television journalism student. Why don’t we hear more about this guy. Here’s the latest we know: “Now 27, the Florida native has graduated from law school, is engaged, and has landed a job as a staff writer for Photography Is Not a Crime, a First Amendment blog established in Miami. Photography is Not a Crime, also known as PINAC, spotlights...

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