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Why so many died in New Orleans but not Texas and Florida?

The cover up The US Army Corps of Engineers Over 1,500 people killed in New Orleans in 2005 by a Category 3 storm. Less than 50 in Texas, less than 50 in Florida and apparently less than 50 in the Caribbean which got hit head on by Category 5 storm. How is this possible? What made New Orleans different? “Officials” are taking credit of course. “We learned so much from New Orleans bla bla bla.” No. What happened in New Orleans was the US Army Corps of Engineers designed, built and maintained levees failed in over 50 places. In...

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“Stay quiet about what you saw”

Firemen told not to tell the truth about ‘Katrina’ It was the federal levees that failed – not the storm New Orleans firemen riding out the storm high up in an office building saw levees collapse dooming the city. They were ordered not to tell what they saw when they appeared before a Congressional committee hearing about the devastation. Why not? The epically corrupt US Army Corps of Engineers was trying, unsuccessfully it eventually turned out, to find the basic fact: Their design, construction and maintenance was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people (it you count the...

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How to beat the biggest bully on the block

What really happened to New Orleans If you will fight – ceaselessly – you can win After the levee failures in New Orleans which killed over 1,000 people and caused over $100 billion in damage, the government – predictably – went into lie-spinning mode. Their claim: “Act of God” “Nature did it” Nope. That’s not what happened. Here’s how we helped get the truth out in a TEN YEAR battle. Thanks to Sandy Rosenthal – with a little help from us – the official story and history now tells the truth: The levees failed because they were designed and...

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Taking back history

Citizens beat the government lie machine The Truth about New Orleans – 2005 FEMA had a plane in the air that knew there were multiple levee breaches in New Orleans, but the information was not relayed to Louisiana emergency officials on the ground for twelve hours. New Orleans firemen who rode out the 2005 storm in an office tower saw the breaches from their vantage point as they were occurring and were warned not to testify to what they they saw and when they saw it when they appeared before a Congressional investigative committee a few years later. What...

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