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How US journalists are bribed

How it works “She’s doing it 100%” Do US journalists get paid extra to lie? They sure do. Case study here. It’s not unlike the way drug cartels work in Mexico: “What do you want “plata” (silver) or “plomo” (lead)? In the US among TV “journalists” it’s a little gentler as befitting our First World status. You either get to keep your job with a much bigger payday or you’re fired. By the way, it looks like Joy Ann Reid has a right-wing comedian writing her lines for her. I’m surprised Jimmy didn’t pick up on this. Not only...

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“The Palestinians cheered” hoax

No they didn’t Who set this up? It was one of the most successful hoaxes of 9/11, so much so that one presidential candidate swore he saw it. What he saw was a well engineered hoax run on the American people with such speed, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t pre-planned. While the Twin Towers were still burning, someone in Palestine closed off a single block and started handing out candy and other gifts to unsuspecting people on the street. In exchange, they were told to clap their hands and cheer, sort of like the silly things that go...

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Africa reality check

It’s not a country, it’s a continent And it’s not poor, hopeless or lacking in initiative The news media – especially in the US – does a very good job of portraying “Africa” as a disaster area. So why is it presented that way? Well, what do clever thieves do when they want to rape and pillage a place? They present it as a basket place that needs their “help.” The reality is that the continent of Africa is a rich place that has been ripped off mercilessly – usually at the end of the barrel of a gun...

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North Dakota pipeline already leaking

The corporate news media asleep again “State-of-the-art construction” Remember that pipeline that we and so many other people thought was such a bad idea? It’s already leaking in at least three places – that we know of. And the news media that said there’s be no problem? They’re nowhere to be seen. 15,000 people came out to protest. They were shot at and brutalized by police while the news media also said nothing. This pipeline is going under the Missouri River. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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The US news media and war

Warning: Strong adult language Why does it take a comedian to tell the truth You know what the greatest predictor of future wars in America is? Watch the US news media. When they start the war drums, war is not far away. The terrible thing is: It works. They pass along lies and hysteria and “the people” buy it. Of course, the people don’t really buy it. The anti-war demonstrations before the attack on Iraq were among the largest in the history of the world. But the news media reported none of it. Instead it have the pro-war yahoos...

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