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CIA: “We’re with Hillary”

Donald Trump – The accidental president Sanders was the one defrauded – by Clinton and the CIA Republican power players and donors including the intelligence “community” loved Hillary and she was their candidate in 2016. But Trump won anyway. A fascinating analysis, you won’t hear anywhere else. There is election fraud in the US – and it was used to defraud Bernie Sanders and his followers and give Clinton the nomination. I think this analyst is right on the money. I’m a fan of Greg Palast but he is completely wrong with this “Hillary was cheated” nonsense Hillary is...

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The endless US war on Cuba

It goes on to this day Provocation after provocation It’s little known, but at the time of the 1959 Cuban revolution, 60% of all Cuban property – land, sugar mills, port facilities, factories and more – was owned by foreigners. Not a good thing especially since many of the foreign owners were abusive. The US Mafia, for instance, operated a large network of casinos, bars, and nightclubs that doubled as centers of crime. The thugs that provided “security” for these places were also used by the corrupt government to assault and murder political opponents. Owners of Cuban property included...

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The waterboarding whistleblower

Ex-CIA Officer John Kiriakou “Selective and vindictive prosecution” We know about waterboarding not because of government oversight, but because of the courage of one man. Here’s the price he paid… Includes a tutorial on how to survive in prison. My best advice to young people: Stay far, far, far, away from any involvement with any government agency. For more information¬†about John Kiriakou. More from John Kiriakou Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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The CIA-visa fraud that preceded 9/11

“Shut up, do your job and ask no questions” The “Visa Express” program – for terrorists Did you know that the CIA ordered US officials to give visas to unqualified people from terrorist countries to enter the US – to be trained as terrorists? Here’s the detailed story straight from the horse’s mouth. Business as usual. The CIA has the ability to shut down drug investigations and prosecutions – and does so frequently to protect its “assets.” The CIA can also order visa offices to give visas to ANYONE regardless of their background or the country they come from....

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Another unsolved DC murder

Painter, CIA wife, JFK girlfriend Fake witnesses On a perfect October day in 1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer – mistress of John Kennedy, friend of Jackie Kennedy and ex-wife of a top CIA man, Cord Meyer – was murdered in the rarefied Washington precinct of Georgetown. Why did high ranking CIA agent James Angleton – chief of counterintelligence – break into her house after he was shot looking for her private diary? What is a coincidence that the reporter who gave the diary to Angleton later became executive editor of The Washington Post? Did you know that now-disgraced bum Bill...

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