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What the Pentagon Papers were really all about

Assassinations, torture, drug dealing,money laundering – by the CIA Daniel Sheehan explains You’ve heard about the Pentagon Papers and they were a big deal. But what were the Pentagon Papers really all about? Assassinations, torture, drug dealing, money laundering – by the CIA. You never heard that part, did you? Here’s the story: While Eisenhower played golf (and recovered from a heart attack), the fledgling CIA grew fangs. Maybe it was his exposure to the mass slaughter of WW II, but whatever the reason Eisenhower was a big fan of covert – and illegal – operations. The CIA succeeded...

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CIA torture manager sails
through confirmation hearings

Why isn’t this person in jail? Listen how NPR helps normalize torture Note: “Cat’s Eye” is the name of the torture center Gina Haspel ran in Thailand. In addition to signing off on every act of torture at that center, she also destroyed the video evidence of hundreds of torture sessions. There is nothing controversial about torture. It’s illegal. It’s illegal by international law, by treaty and domestically – and it was before the psychopathic criminal Dick Cheney ordered it using the moron George Bush Jr. as a cover. Only the Nazis, Stalinist Soviets, the Imperial Japanese military and the...

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The CIA-FBI-Clinton charity scam

Why is Hillary Clinton still being protected? A former CIA officer speaks Clinton is out of power. She and her husband were obviously engaged in a massive charity fraud. And yet there doesn’t appear to be any movement to prosecute her. Why not? Why do former CIA and FBI directors still actively supporter her? Former CIA officer Kevin Shipp gives his opinion on the matter. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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A “recovering” CIA officer explains the reality
of the Shadow Government

The first version of this video had 2 million views Government cover ups and howwhistle blowers are silenced Kevin Shipp, a “recovering” CIA officer, explains the reality of the Shadow Government in the United States. He says recovery is a 24 – not a 12 – Step. The first 12 Steps involve learning how to tell the truth, something not easy for a CIA agent. “We’re not just at the 11th Hour. We’re at 11:59. We’re living in a Post-Constitutional government now.” “I give this speech to any group that will take the risk to do it.” Brasscheck TV...

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Top CIA torturer nominated by Trump to run the CIA

Gina Haspel: An animal “She was just following orders” Gina Haspel ran the CIA’s first ‘black site’ where kidnapped people not formally charged with specific crimes were tortured for weeks and months on end. She led the effort to in destroy the evidence of the CIA’s criminal torture program. But she’s the first woman nominee to run the CIA so everything’s great, right? The in-your-face cynicism of nominating an animal like Haspel for the top spot at the CIA is really over the top. Professionals know that torture, in addition to being a crime, is not an effective means...

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