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Top CIA torturer nominated by Trump to run the CIA

Gina Haspel: An animal “She was just following orders” Gina Haspel ran the CIA’s first ‘black site’ where kidnapped people not formally charged with specific crimes were tortured for weeks and months on end. She led the effort to in destroy the evidence of the CIA’s criminal torture program. But she’s the first woman nominee to run the CIA so everything’s great, right? The in-your-face cynicism of nominating an animal like Haspel for the top spot at the CIA is really over the top. Professionals know that torture, in addition to being a crime, is not an effective means...

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Blowing America’s Mind

A True Story of Princeton, CIA, Mind Control, LSD and Zen Interview with Paul J. Davids It’s no secret that the CIA was (and may still be) involved in testing mind-altering drugs on unwitting subjects. In this exclusive Brasscheck TV interview, we learn how that program manifested at Princeton University in the 1960s. Subjects were told they were going to be taught hypnosis and would learn methods to overcome personal challenges in their lives. What happened once the experiments started was a very different story. A rare, unique first-hand account of the unethical medical experimentation the CIA conducted on...

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George Bush Sr and his “mad dogs”

Skull and Bones, the CIA and Illicit Drug Operations Thirty six year of crime A little history about the Bush Family, Skull and Bones, In case you didn’t know, Hillary – like Obama and like Clinton – is the Bush family candidate. 1976 Bush becomes head of the CIA 1980 Reagan president, Bush VP runs covert operations and S & L scam 1988 Bush formally becomes president 1992 Clinton, the “fourth brother,” becomes president 2000 Bush’s idiot son becomes president and hires all of his father’s lieutenants 2008 Obama with a shady background becomes president, continues Bush’s policies 2016...

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CIA-induced heart attacks

Remembering Erica Garner What are the odds? Erica Garner, the daughter of Eric Garner, the man who was choked to death by police on a street corner in Staten Island for selling loose cigarettes, died of a heart attack – at age 27. As the result of her father’s murder, Erica became an effective civil rights campaigner. So effective that Harvey Weinstein warned the Clinton campaign that she needed to be shut down. What does this have to do with CIA-induced heart attacks? #1 – It’s very unusual for a 27 year old to die of a heart attack...

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Connecting the dots: Crack, Contras, and the CIA

Gary Webb before they blew him up The calm before the storm This 1996 interview with Gary Webb took place after his “Dark Alliance” newspaper series made waves across the country for piecing together the puzzle of the US crack epidemic. The pipeline of CIA backed drug smuggling into the country and money smuggling out of the country to support the Nicaraguan Contras was wide open from the mid 1970s on, with players using everything from their shoes to freighters to move cocaine. Webb was widely smeared by the CIA’s favorite newspapers (The New York Times, the Washington Post,...

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