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“Completely spontaneous” manufactured protests in Iran

One million people homeless Years of saber rattling Endless saber rattling… It’s been going on since the Carter administration. Iran is a much bigger country than Iraq, it has more people and its military is in great shape. Its commanders are veterans of the bloody Iraq-Iran War and they know their business. We can barely deal with a ragtag band of tribal fighters in Afghanistan and ex-Iraq military armed with improvised weapons in Iraq. How is our overextended military going to deal with a real military? What a war with Iran would be like Iran – The country, the...

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Israeli tests its weapons on Palestinians

It’s not an occupation, it’s a laboratory Palestine is a weapons testing lab for Israel Palestine is a weapons testing lab for Israel. It’s not an occupation, it’s a laboratory. It’s a cash cow for Israel which makes billions selling TESTED new weapons to repressive regimes around the glone. And that’s not all. They’re training US police by the thousands – to treat Americans like Palestinians. Message from a former Israeli soldier to Americans: You are next in line.” More on this topic Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Christian Zionist whackos for Israel

It would be funny if the consequences weren’t so dire War is more important to these “Christians” than Jesus There are millions of these people in the US and they’re one of the biggest voting blocks in the US. The Pentagon loves them because they can always be counted on to cheer for war. Steve Bannon says he is one of them and says Trump is too. More about the most dangerous cult on earth. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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The truth about Saudi Arabia and the news media

The utter corruption of the US news media laid bare From the Jimmy Dore show Did you know this happened in March? I bet not…so here’s the story. “One of the largest ever lawsuits relating to the September 11 terror attacks has been filed against Saudi Arabia in New York. Families of 850 victims who died and the 1,500 injured, are suing the Middle Eastern country’s government, accusing it of providing material and financial assistance to al Qaeda in the years leading up to worst ever terrorist attack on US soil. Of the 19 hijackers who took over the...

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Trump and the Saudis

The biggest financial backers of radical Islam It’s not a country, it’s a crime family Some facts: 1. The “Saud” in Saudi Arabia comes from the “House of Saud” 2. The Saud family rules Saudi Arabia. There are no elections. 3. Saudi Arabia is the world’s biggest promoter of Wahhabi Islam. 4. In July 2013, Wahhabism was identified by the European Parliament in Strasbourg as the main source of global terrorism. 5. The Sharia “law” that everyone is so up in arms about as practiced by ISIS is identical to the law of Saudi Arabia – and nowhere else....

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