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Fake UFO cults

Trolling for assassins A favorite of US intelligence agencies Normally, we don’t cover UFOs, not because there is no such thing as an unidentified flying object, but because of this… UFO cults are a favorite mechanism of US intelligence agencies. By the way, the news coverage of the Heaven’s Gate murders – they were not suicides – is an example of the fraudulent news media at its best. Applewhite was a military man who had been committed to an “experimental” treatment program purported to cure homosexuality. While at the hospital, he met a “nurse” who became his partner and...

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There’s something out there

Introducing MUFON A rigorous approach to UFOlogy The subject of UFOs is one of the more difficult things to wrap one’s mind around. Either you’ve seen one or you haven’t. If you haven’t, it’s hard to understand what it’s all about. Add to that the fact that some UFO sightings are either easily explained away or are outright frauds. All this is true…yet serious investigators who’ve taken the time and effort to study sightings intelligently report that a small percentage of events truly cannot be explained. Further, details from old reports and found in old photos when evaluated seriously...

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What’s up with UFOs?

The politics of professional ingorance “It’s the nature of the National Security State to lie” We’ve stayed about from the UFO topic because it’s so covered in BS and fraud. Here’s an intelligent talk on the subject, fact based and insightful. Take away: “It’s the nature of the National Security State to lie.” What’s the truth? There is something out there, they know it, they don’t know what it is – and it’s freaking them out. It’s a shame the sponsors of this talk limited the time this guy had to speak, isn’t it? Update: We received some enlightening...

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Bizarre Space X footage

Are we supposed to believe this? A fraud of epic proportions I haven’t paid much attention to Elon Musk other than to comment that his self-driving car project is delusional. I’ve ignored his Space X company. Now I’m paying attention. You won’t believe the footage they’re peddling as “proof of success.” The producer of this video uses this as an argument for flat earth and other things. I have to be honest that I don’t understand those arguments, but I know faked video when I see it and this is faked. You can see the complete video at

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“Normal is getting away from us”

The crazy art and science of mission creep Seeing crazy *** **** for what it is “That’s just the way it is…” How many totally unacceptable things are accepted under the cover of that phrase? Lee Camp how we’re learning to accept the unacceptable. He has a technical term for it: “Crazy *** ****” Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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