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Who really shot Ronald Reagan?

Two shooters A distraction and the real shooter On this day in 1981 newly elected President Ronald Reagan was shot. Or was he? A little known fact: A bullet wound was never found. So what really happened? Likely, two shooters. The patsy who did real damage to real people and and second one who missed the mark with a high tech weapon. John Judge lays out the case. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Fake UFO cults

Trolling for assassins A favorite of US intelligence agencies Normally, we don’t cover UFOs, not because there is no such thing as an unidentified flying object, but because of this… UFO cults are a favorite mechanism of US intelligence agencies. By the way, the news coverage of the Heaven’s Gate murders – they were not suicides – is an example of the fraudulent news media at its best. Applewhite was a military man who had been committed to an “experimental” treatment program purported to cure homosexuality. While at the hospital, he met a “nurse” who became his partner and...

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How we will win

Who the powers that be are *really* afraid of An informed public is their worst nightmare It may not seem like it, but we win and win frequently – and not just small battles. For example it was American soldiers and protestors who shut down the Vietnam War and prevented a nuclear attack on Hanoi. John Judge talks about the who the powers that be are *really* afraid of. John P. Judge, an independent researcher who tirelessly amassed and disseminated evidence supporting alternative explanations — some called them conspiracy theories — for President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, the 9/11...

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The Real Info War

John Judge (1988) This war has been going on for a long time Mae Brussell… Do you know the name? You should. We really should be referring to her and her research everyday. No one person has done more to reveal the inner gangster workings of the US government and its thug friends. In this video we learn some of the behind the scenes of how the government was so afraid of Brussell they built a house across the street solely for the purpose of spying on her. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions...

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The mystery of Oliver North

Who was this dude and why did he get away with it? “This is who really runs America” (1988) A wide ranging talk by the late John Judge in 1988. He starts off talking about Oliver North and his various activities over the years. Not mentioned in this talk is that North appeared to be involved on the Phoenix Program and drug running. A perfect background for this later criminal projects. Then he talks about what really happened during the Iran hostage rescue attempt. Then on to Vietnam and the weapons used against civilians. Finally, he ends with the...

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