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The CIA watches local politics

Jesse Ventura reports “How did you do it?” The CIA is not supposed to operate inside the United States. Yet, they have their own permanent agent in the Minnesota governor’s office. This is according to former Minnesota Governor Jessee Ventura. Do you see Ventura in the mass media very often? Now you know why. The CIA is expressly forbidden from getting involved in domestic affairs. But it does anyway. Former Governor Jesse Ventura explains. They also place their people on police forces (to facilitate drug dealing) and with the news media (to make sure stories are reported the way...

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How Reagan became president

A fraud from Day One The October Surprise We’re reviewing a crucial decade in American history… The 1980s. This was the decade that federal government criminality went into high gear. Ad it all started with an act of fraud and high treason, a kind of bloodless coup. Gary Sick, a retired Naval Captain wrote “All Fall Down,” and claimed that in October 1980 Ronald Reagan made a deal with Iran to prevent American hostages from being released until after Election Day. As payback, the US arranged for Israel to give arms to Iran. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck...

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How U.S. Presidents are “neutralized”

John Kennedy, Bill Clinton – and Barack Obama? “CIA Interventions: The Role of the CIA and the LAPD in the RFK Assassination” Lawrence George Teeter was Sirhan Sirhan’s lawyer until Teeter’s untimely death in 2005. Here is an excerpt of a talk by Teeter given November 14, 2000 entitled, “CIA Interventions: The Role of the CIA and the LAPD in the RFK Assassination”. The talk was given at the Sepulveda UU Church. In this particular clip, Mr. Teeter elaborates on covert operations against Clinton in an effort to compromise him, sabotage the START II Treaty, and create profits in...

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The Real Info War

John Judge (1988) This war has been going on for a long time Mae Brussell… Do you know the name? You should. We really should be referring to her and her research everyday. No one person has done more to reveal the inner gangster workings of the US government and its thug friends. In this video we learn some of the behind the scenes of how the government was so afraid of Brussell they built a house across the street solely for the purpose of spying on her. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions...

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The Sandy Hook story does not add up

The content starts at 10:00 Pardon the excessive commercials The story, as told, is physically impossible Joyce Riley, the producer of “Beyond Treason” a film about experimentation on US troops, interviews an expert in armed operations. There are so many problems with the official story. Here are just a few big ones: 1. The deranged young man who allegedly committed this crime weighed about 120 pounds. If you calculate all the weapons and ammo the shooter was said to be carrying, it would have weighed nearly as much as him. 2. Breaking into (or shooting open) secured doors such...

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