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The endless US war on Cuba

It goes on to this day Provocation after provocation It’s little known, but at the time of the 1959 Cuban revolution, 60% of all Cuban property – land, sugar mills, port facilities, factories and more – was owned by foreigners. Not a good thing especially since many of the foreign owners were abusive. The US Mafia, for instance, operated a large network of casinos, bars, and nightclubs that doubled as centers of crime. The thugs that provided “security” for these places were also used by the corrupt government to assault and murder political opponents. Owners of Cuban property included...

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The banks own it all

And they want war Trump is just another one of their puppets Keep in mind this was recorded in November of 2016 before Trump was inaugurated. Engdahl was able to cut through Trump’s mountains of campaign BS and see what he was really about. A year later and Trump is right on track with Engdahl predictions: 1. Saber-rattling 2. Pentagon’s budget boosted massively 3. Plenty of false flags 4. Banks continue to do as they please 5. None of the campaign promises taken seriously Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Black Budget fun and games

It’s a money pit One of the greatest scams on earth There’s danger everywhere, under every rock and behind every tree. Why? Because they “hate our freedoms.” Really? They hate our freedom to travel through airports without being harassed…They hate our ability to communicate with each other without having our phone calls and e-mail tapped and recorded…They hate our ability to come forward and report criminal activity on the part of the government without facing recrimination. Ooops… We don’t really have THOSE freedoms do we. But never mind that. We have to pay and pay and pay some more...

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War Propaganda 101

A review of the ABCs Professional liars Remember when Trump expressed his anguish over the “sarin gas attacks” in Syria. Well, the whole while his own on-the-ground military advisors were telling him the story was impossible baloney. So what did he do? He went with the pro-war propaganda instead. Is he an idiot? Is he a liar? Or is he just (another) presidential lightweight in over his head just doing whatever the pro-war forces want. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Remembering Iran Contra

Oliver North: “I don’t think it was wrong, I think it was a neat idea” Arrogance on parade What was Iran Contra? For starters, it was high treason. What happened? The US illegally sold arms to Iran and then used the profits to illegally fund terrorists in Nicaragua in an attempt to undermine the government of that country. And they traded guns for drugs too (though that part was left out of mainstream news reporting.) The Arkansas branch of this criminal enterprise (Mena) put Bill Clinton on the map. Note what fantastic and arrogant liars Oliver North and company...

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