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Scenes from the Family Court gulag

Children are the victims A cash cow for the court Black Americans are creating their own media. It may not always be as polished as CNN, but it’s more honest and it’s more relevant to what’s actually impacting people’s lives. Do you ever see new coverage about the massive abuses that take place in Family Court every day all over the country? If you’ve aware of this system, have you ever given thought to why it’s operated the way it is? Just like in Ferguson, MO and thousands of other places in the US where “law enforcement” is run...

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Divorce and custody is big business

Family Court: A Constitution-Free Zone 2,000 pages of family code What happens in Family Court? Not much good. The weird, corrupt and unconstitutional world of Family Court. Here’s the core problem: Marriage can be a wonderful thing, but when it’s “blessed” by the State , you can’t dissolve the bond without submitting yourself to the whims of Family Court. Custody of children is handled the same way and it’s arbitrary, random, despotic. In actuality, a “court of equity” (Family Court) puts the judge in the same position as once reserved for a king or religious leader. Brasscheck TV needs...

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Abolish family court

The family innocence process “Courts cannot enter the realm of family unless there is a compelling state interest” Why do we give courts the right to rule family life? The US Constitution explicitly bans it. But it happens all the time. How? In many states, the minute you file for divorce, you are starting a lawsuit and once you do that you give the court the power to regulate your family’s actions. Every agreement does not have to be a court order – unless the courts get involved and once the courts get involved, the families lose the ability...

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A close look at the Cosby accusers and their stories

Is the news media the judge and jury now? If he’s guilty, hang him, but… I’ve never been a fan of Bill Cosby. Something about him has always rubbed me the wrong way. That said, there’s something very odd about the case against him and the unanimity of the news media. Also strange is the fairly large number of “victims” who have withdrawn their stories and disappeared from the media spotlight…after their stories were investigated, found to be improbable, or downright falsifications. The media seems to lose interest in these people as soon as their stories fall apart. More:...

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The stupid cruelty of cannabis laws

Punishing the users of medicine Abysmal ignorance For the overwhelming majority of human history, the simple cannabis plant has been a source of food and medicine. Only 20th and now early 21st century America feels that that it’s so “dangerous” it has to be controlled and people have to be severely punished for possessing it. This would be a joke were the consequences not so tragic. Prison is supposed to be for violent and dangerous people. Not sick people who seek and discover non-pharmaceutical treatments for serious diseases. This is as ignorant and pointlessly cruel set of laws as...

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