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Scenes from the Family Court gulag

Children are the victims A cash cow for the court Black Americans are creating their own media. It may not always be as polished as CNN, but it’s more honest and it’s more relevant to what’s actually impacting people’s lives. Do you ever see new coverage about the massive abuses that take place in Family Court every day all over the country? If you’ve aware of this system, have you ever given thought to why it’s operated the way it is? Just like in Ferguson, MO and thousands of other places in the US where “law enforcement” is run...

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Divorce and custody is big business

Family Court: A Constitution-Free Zone 2,000 pages of family code What happens in Family Court? Not much good. The weird, corrupt and unconstitutional world of Family Court. Here’s the core problem: Marriage can be a wonderful thing, but when it’s “blessed” by the State , you can’t dissolve the bond without submitting yourself to the whims of Family Court. Custody of children is handled the same way and it’s arbitrary, random, despotic. In actuality, a “court of equity” (Family Court) puts the judge in the same position as once reserved for a king or religious leader. Brasscheck TV needs...

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A close look at the Cosby accusers and their stories

Is the news media the judge and jury now? If he’s guilty, hang him, but… I’ve never been a fan of Bill Cosby. Something about him has always rubbed me the wrong way. That said, there’s something very odd about the case against him and the unanimity of the news media. Also strange is the fairly large number of “victims” who have withdrawn their stories and disappeared from the media spotlight…after their stories were investigated, found to be improbable, or downright falsifications. The media seems to lose interest in these people as soon as their stories fall apart. More:...

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Crime against justice: Ferguson prosecutor sued

Case could be reopened McCulloch sued for failure as a prosecutor It’s nearly common knowledge that the Ferguson prosecutor Robert McCulloch allowed witnesses to testify whose credibility was questionable. The outrage sparked by the failure to indict former officer Darren Wilson is certainly common knowledge. One juror believes that the prosecutor purposefully framed the jury so as to ensure Michael Brown wouldn’t get his day of justice, and is thereby suing McCulloch. This whole fiasco speaks volumes about the failure of our judicial system and the merging of interests, to the people’s detriment, between the executive and judicial branches....

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President Kills U.S. Citizen

Target Killing Americans The due-process-free assassination of U.S. citizens is now reality By now, most of us are pretty well convinced that Anwar Al-Awlaki was a bad guy. Even I’ll buy that he was a bad dude. The idea that due-process is now OPTIONAL is a very frightening prospect. Scratch that, it’s a very frightening new reality. Perhaps they’re not inclined to due-process because it would show that Al-Awlaki, the CIA lackey, worked for them all along. After all, this is the guy that rubbed elbows with the brass at the Pentagon dinner. Now he’s dead, and a new...

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