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Heating – or warming?

Grand Solar Minimum The behavior of the sun trumps everything Everyone should read Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis’ 1998 book “Dancing Naked in the Mind Field”, especially the chapter “What happened to the Scientific Method.” A lot of people who talk so confidentaly about science might do well to take some time to learn the basics of the scientific method. The erosion of scientific thinking in favor of political and financial manipulation is the real story here. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Buying and selling climate hysteria

The carbon trading fraud Look to the roots of the thing One of our favorite shows “Good News Next Week” covers the multi-billion down fraud going on in the trading of carbon credits. If you can wrap your mind around this, you’ll be 1 out of 1,000, maybe 1 out of 10,000. Carbon trading as a solution to global warming was hatched by Enron, Bill Clinton and Al Gore and others and someday it will be a trillion dollar a year fraud. But wait, there’s more… The program also covers one of the CIA’s favorite methods for sabotaging other...

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Climate change and politics

The price of questioning the “consensus” Dr. Judith Curry Whenever there is a “consensus” and you’re not allowed to question – or you will face personal attack – question it. Is the climate changing? Our course, it always changes. Is the cause fossil fuels? The truth is no one knows. Now here’s the key to the whole thing: Are the multi-trillion dollar “solutions” that are being proposed likely to do any good? And who are they going to enrich? Look, I think that every C-level energy company executive probably belongs in jail for all sorts of reasons and that...

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California water crises: Global warming or bureaucracy?

Not the problem we thought A century worth of bad policies In the late nineteenth century, the US government began subsidizing the water supply for farmers in California because they wanted more and more people to spread out in the West. Fast-forward about 150 years, and California is now facing a water crises which has led to the governor to issue a mandate to reduce water consumption by 25%. The problem? Agriculture is the main culprit of water consumption, and there’s a big bureaucratic/tax payer funded complex that is the main contributor to the water crises. This issue isn’t...

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August 2014: NOT the hottest on record!

Published temperature data has been altered Caught red handed! The climate change crowd has struck again. They’ve been caught manipulating NOAA’s August 2014 global temperature map to further their claims of global warming. Their version, widely published in the American press, shows alarming amounts of red (representing higher than average temperatures). The real NOAA map actually shows a balance between red and blue (cooler than average)! Both the Arctic and Antarctic ice packs are rebuilding as well. So, what was the reason behind this public deception? Could the timing of this misleading announcement have had anything to do with...

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