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Criminal foods that are OK in the US

The world’s most contaminated food supply Food Additives Banned Everywhere But the US Why are so many Americans so obviously sick? Just take a trip to the local mall and you’ll know what I’m talking about. And they’re the people healthy enough to get to the mall. What’s going on? Well, one contributing factor may be the corporate controlled FDA. They allow things in food products sold in the US that would get you put in jail in other countries. By the way, that food additive banned in Singapore but legal in the US: azodicarbonamide. Putting this in food...

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Cereal Crimes

Deceptive advertising at the breakfast table “Natural” Means Poisoned 49% of Americans eat cereal for breakfast. It is the third most popular item at the grocery store, with 2.7 billion boxes sold annually. This video is about the meaningless marketing hype of the “natural” label on those cereal boxes. The Cornucopia Institute is an organization dedicated to seeking economic justice for the family-scale farming community, and supporting them to produce local, organic and authentic food. They tested some of these “natural” cereals and found high levels of genetic contamination. The USDA found the same thing in their research. Buying...

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Fishy business

Turning garbage into food Fish sticks anyone? This video is from Europe, but the same thing goes on in the US. In fact, things here are much, much worse because standards are even lower and corruption higher. Garbage fish waste – valued at 15 cents per kilo – is converted to processed food “fish” dishes like cheap fish sticks, fish balls, and mixed dishes that have “some” fish in them. Bottom line advice: If you can’t see the actual fish fillet on your plate, you might well be eating fish pulp that used to be garbage. One out of...

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Why processed food is do dangerous

A textbook case of government and industrial From fish feed to farmed fish to you… From fish feed to farmed fish to you… Short story: Don’t eat farmed fish. Long answer: Farmed fish is a heavily “processed” food because the fish are fed manufactured pellets. The dried pellets fed to farmed fish are not regulated and are full of dangerous toxins because what the fish eats ends up in you. Even worse, one particular toxin – a pesticide that has never been ppproved for animal feed – has the ability to cross the all-important blood-brain barrier. How did this...

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Raw Foods Raid

The Fight For The Right To Eat What You Want Got Raw Milk? Guns drawn, authorities entered the premises of Rawsome Foods, in Venice CA, in June of 2010. This is a members only health food co-op that sells that awful suspect underground stuff: raw milk products! They terrorized the employees, helped themselves to whatever they wanted and destroyed thousands and thousands of dollars worth of food in the process. No less than 5 government agencies were involved in the raid. Besides the felonies “to conspire,” the misdemeanor charges were for processing milk without pasteurization, operating an unlicensed milk...

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