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Food fraud

It’s on the rise Open season on food crime The “food” industry is bigger than the oil business. And it’s very poorly regulated. The result: What’s on the label is very often what you’re not getting. Who is doing something about it? Not the government, they’re cutting regulations and enforcement. Supermarkets clams to be “concerned.” And we all know what that means. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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The truth about the fast food industry

“If the industry told the truth” A Sad Daily Diet For Millions You already know it’s not good, but at least we can have a laugh. Another video from the “If industry told the truth” series. Why is the US one of the most unhealthy countries on earth? Travel a little and you’ll find out. Even the “poorest” countries have local market brimming with fresh recently harvested produce. Cooking at home is the norm and when people do “eat out” their standard are high. (It’s not unusual for even modest food stalls to have expert cooks.) In contrast, the...

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African Rice in the Hudson Valley

A local food project of great cultural and historical importance Support the Hudson Valley Rice project Ever Growing Family Farm is engaged in a radically innovative act… They’re successfully growing rice in the Hudson Valley of New York on otherwise marginal land using traditional methods perfected over centuries by farmers from the Senegambia region of West Africa. After two successful harvests, it’s time for them to get their own rice milling equipment. They’re halfway there. Let’s help them get to the finish line on this: Click here to help. Click here to learn how to support this worthy project Click here...

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Salmon is not a healthy food

The fish farming disaster How are they getting away with this? Salmon is recommended as “the ultimate health food” It’s the opposite. Factory farmed salmon…even in “progressive” places like Norway…are among the most toxic foods in the world. But it’s not just salmon. All farmed fish are a hazard. These farms can’t exist without the heavy use of toxic chemicals. How bad is it and how are they getting away with this? Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Monsanto’s Roundup is Glyphosate

UN calls it a carcinogen Media Blackout It’s a weed killer, originally designed to be used on Monsanto’s GMO monstrosities which were designed to be immune it it. Now, it’s no longer as effective as it was, but is being used for other purposes for example to speed the harvest of wheat. Roundup is being used to kill and brown wheat to make it easier to harvest. The result: It’s now in ALL wheat products (probably contributing to the epidemic of wheat intolerance.) It’s also appearing in other agricultural products like honey and cotton. We recommend this new book...

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