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Malaysia flight misfortunes deliberate?

Compelling evidence says it’s possible The backstory on Malaysia Malaysia airlines has been in the news quite frequently lately. A little too frequently. Could there be more to the story than the mainstream media is telling us? Of course there could be. There always is! Here’s a little info on some information you might be missing. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Flight 370: Cargo Mystery

2.2 Tons worth Breaking news From the Daily Mail: The mystery was sparked by a spokesman for the company that shipped the batteries telling a Malaysian newspaper that he would not reveal what the remaining 2.253 tonnes of cargo were. ‘I cannot reveal more because of the ongoing investigations,’ the spokesman told The Star newspaper. ‘We have been told by our legal advisers not to talk about it.’ The spokesman said he could not even name the company which manufactured the batteries, insisting that the matter was confidential. Questioned about the fact that a mystery cargo was not stated...

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Flight 370 audio was tampered with

No question about it The only question is “why?” The Malaysian government finally released the air traffic recording from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. There’s one problem with it. What they released was clearly altered. Some material came from a different source. Other material is flat out missing. Bizarre. Did they think we would not notice? What on earth made them think they could get away with this? Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Where the Flight 370 Psyps people got the idea

Playing off the Amelia Earhart story The endlessly missing plane This story came out in 2013. It’s a great story, isn’t it? A plane goes missing over a distant ocean. Where it went and what happen to the passengers is a mystery. The public is fascinated by the story and decades later still get let it go. Breakthrough “evidence” appears from time to time to much fanfare, but then it has to be discarded. And on and on it goes. Sound familiar? Hollywood baby. Pure Hollywood. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep...

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Missing planes – again

How Flight 370 is like 9/11 Let me count the ways How Flight 370 is like 9/11: 1. The news media is spending hundreds of hours on the story and saying absolutely nothing of value and concealing many basic facts. 2. The US global surveillance system tracks the flights of every plane in the air. How on earth are we to believe that they didn’t notice a large commercial airliner go completely off course and that they then lost track of it entirely. 3. The 9/11 cover story depends entirely on people believing that commercial jetliners “disappeared” while in...

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