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The root of all evil…

The prison-industrial complex couple Do we really want the other one in the White House? The root of all evil… OK, that’s kind of strong, but if you’re looking for the guy who: 1. De-regulated Wall Street 2. Sent US jobs flying overseas 3. Started the “I’ll declare a war if I want to” policy and 4. Lit a fire under the prison industrial complex That would be Bill “I feel your pain” Clinton. Now his partner in crime would like to return to…the scene of the crime. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions...

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“Guilty until proven rich”

Prison as social control and cheap labor “There will no slavery EXCEPT for people convicted of a crime” One out four prisoners in the world is in a US prison. Higher than China or Russia. Rwanda comes in 2nd. Russia comes in 3rd. 743 out of every 100,000 Americans are in prison. 40% of the prison population is black, yet only 12% of the country is black. The prison system is the most sinister and cynical of all our businesses. If we knew even a fraction of the truth of how it operates, and why, we would despair. Just...

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