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Thriving on death and destruction

Banking, bombs and bogus “development” It’s a very simple – and very evil – system The idea that human beings are naturally aggressive and therefore prone to war is absolute bullshit. It takes MASSIVE money, organization and resources to organize a war. It HAS to be done from the top. There’s no other way to do it. A bar fight might be attributed to aggressiveness. A war? NEVER. Hundreds of thousands of people have to be armed, fed, transported, deployed, housed, managed etc. No way is that spontaneous. The poverty of resource-rich nations is not an accident either. War...

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The pathology of power

Deification of wealth Chris Hedges of the Super Rich Chris Hedges, one of our favorite analysts, talks about the pathology of power. There is nothing wrong with making money. Nothing wrong with getting rich either. But when the most wealthy are allowed to do whatever they want to the detriment of society without consequences we have a problem. One example of many, the life story of George Bush Jr. “You don’t really have a job until you’re 40 and then you become President of the United States” Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to...

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Mama Bush

Pimping Bush Sr – 1992 An excerpt from “Spin” Behind the scenes at Propaganda USA Inc. Footage you weren’t supposed to see. Politicians at work. Mama Bush pimping for George Sr. Plus a Bill Clinton bonus. There’s no business like show business and these people know exactly what business they’re in. From the great and too-little-known movie “Spin” which documented the 1992 election by grabbing wild feeds off network TV transmissions that you weren’t supposed to see. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Oklahoma City reality check

Program length – 5:29 Three bombs inside the building You probably never saw this. Two big bombs were found INSIDE the Oklahoma City federal building and defused. These clips ran on local news live…and were never broadcast again. There is no way a truck bomb regardless of size could have done the damage that was done to that building. The government’s story is a complete lie and they know it. The “terrorism expert” and the end of this clip Dr. Randall Heather was never seen on TV again and can’t be found on Google (except in relation to this...

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Remembering Waco

“Waco: The Rules of Engagement” Siskel & Ebert from 1997 On this day in 1993, just a few months Into the Clinton administration, the compound of a religious community caught fire during an extended siege killing seventy six people including over two dozen children. The first thing Bill Clinton did after he won the 1992 election – even before he took office – was to order the Little Rock ATF to make a case against the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas. It’s refreshing to see Siskel & Ebert, popular movie reviewers, take a clear stand on behalf of the...

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