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What’s really going on in Syria?

The unasked question: Why are we there? It’s not a civil war Illuminating press conference in which all the government media BS about Syria is demolished. Must viewing if you’re curious about what’s really going on there. Bottom line: The powers-that-be wanted regime change, they armed terrorists and called them “freedom fighters”, and declared the whole thing a “civil war.” Then they flooded the news media with lies to cover their tracks. It’s all about a fossil fuels and a pipeline. All this death and suffering. Made by Obama and his bosses at the Military-Industrial-Oil complex. Brasscheck TV needs...

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“It’s like a line for a ride at Disneyland”

Head of the VA counsels patience to injured Vets People like this need to be shown the door I’m not a big fan of Newt Gingrich (“Newtie”), but in this short clip he speaks some truth. Head of VA counsels injured Vets: “It’s like a line for a ride at Disneyland” Only an able-bodied, lucky, ass-kissing bureaucrat could come up with a statement like this. Thanks to “Newtie” for bringing it to the public’s attention and thanks to C-Span for capturing it. Interestingly, because it’s on Brasscheck TV probably ten times as many people will now see as originally...

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Remembering Muhammad Ali

“Shoot them for what?” “Just take me to jail.” It’s predictable that the news media is going to remember: Ali the athlete… Ali the “character”…maybe Ali the man who endured debilitating illness. What they won’t talk about was his crystal clear and principled stand against war. He didn’t run to Canada. He didn’t go to college and stay there. He did have his daddy give him a no-show job with the National Guard (George Bush.) He didn’t pull political strings to get deferments (Dick Cheney.) He said he wasn’t going to go and why he wouldn’t. He stood his...

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“Skynet could be real!”

Autonomous weapons are coming The future of war? In this clip, the narrator touches on the possibility of fully automated war – within 15 years. Autonomous weapons are coming, at least for wealthy countries. We will be able to deploy weapons on a whim to kill and control whomever and whatever we want. It sounds like a nightmare – or like the Terminator. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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