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A trip through war-torn Syria

Reese Erlich at the Watson Institute for International and public affairs Radical Islam and US right wingers in perfect harmony The mainstream news does what it can to obscure what’s going on in Syria. Here’s a surprising on-the-ground story from the country that you probably won’t hear anywhere else. It turns out the radical Islamic whack jobs destroying the country are in complete agreement with US policy in the region. By the way, this talk was given during the Obama administration. It has nothing to do with the maniacs in the White House now. Brasscheck TV needs your help...

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Christians for War

An example of the daily on air madness Traitors with a religious tax exemption (This was aired when Obama was President.) Every day US televangelists are on TV telling their Christian viewers that they are “required” to support Israel and that countries like Iran merit total destruction. The problem is tens of millions consume this garbage every day and people with these beliefs constitute the biggest voting block in America. Why are these crooks (Bakker was jailed for a massive financial fraud) given a tax exemption for their broadcasting operations? They’re political propagandists pure and simple. Brasscheck TV needs...

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The sins again Iraq multiplied

A debasing, despicable act William Rivers Pitt – The invasion of Iraq: “A debasing, despicable act the US may never recover from.” The US invaded a sovereign country based on deliberate lies. Trillions wasted. Millions of civilians killed, injured and lives scarred and upended. Now we’re putting the torture managers in charge of the US government. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Who are you going to believe?

A teacher-eye witness or talking heads from a New York TV studio? Confirms student report of “army guy” Who are you going to believe? A teacher-eye witness or talking heads from a New York TV studio? Florida shooter was in “full battle gear.” This confirms a student report of “army guy” captured on video the day of the shooting. The witness claims to have been talking to the alleged shooter who was unarmed – as shooting was taking place in another part of the school! Best download this one. The student eye witness video has been removed from YouTube...

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Two shooters at Florida school

Here we go again Drill, multiple shooters Eye witnesses are very clear: two or more shooters. One young woman said she talked with the unarmed gunman (!) while shooting was going on in another part of the building. Interestingly, the clips were not from broadcast news media reports, but from people who filmed onsite news media interviews that were not put on the news. Did the “code red” alarm sound before the shooting started? Several eye witnesses say that it did. How does that work? Also, it was the second time the alarm had been sounded that day. Strange....

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