Category: The “War on Terror” is a Fraud

The back scatter scam

A giant fraud Designed to let metal objects through The super security-conscious Israelis looked at Michael Chertoff’s airport “back scatter” scanners and declared them: “total garbage.” This video shows why. And nothing has changed nearly five years later. The the fraud, and ineptitude continue so Michael Chertoff and the people he’s paying off to run this scam can continue. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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The ultimate post-9/11 analysis

Fabricating bad guys The Taliban surrendered in 2002 Jimmy Dore lays it down… The Taliban surrendered in 2002. Here’s how the US has kept the war going for 15 years – and will keep in running into the indefinite future. A lethal three ring circus that we pay for – and for those not paying attention, Trump is now in on it too. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Afghanistan and other smoke and mirrors

A CIA War, just like Vietnam Gold, drugs, and strategic location An excellent historical overview of the scam that is America in Afghanistan. It started as a CIA war, it’s been carried out as a CIA war, and it continues as a CIA war nearly FORTY (not sixteen years later) since Jimmy Carter funded Islamist terrorists fighting the Russians in the 70s. Great takeaway that says and explains it all. “The main function of terrorism is to create a demand for military intervention.” And military intervention is just another way of saying “unlimited profits for the people in on...

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Remembering Iran Contra

Oliver North: “I don’t think it was wrong, I think it was a neat idea” Arrogance on parade What was Iran Contra? For starters, it was high treason. What happened? The US illegally sold arms to Iran and then used the profits to illegally fund terrorists in Nicaragua in an attempt to undermine the government of that country. And they traded guns for drugs too (though that part was left out of mainstream news reporting.) The Arkansas branch of this criminal enterprise (Mena) put Bill Clinton on the map. Note what fantastic and arrogant liars Oliver North and company...

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Turning buildings to dust

What is a barometric bomb? Sound familiar? The attack was a “surprise” and then it later turned out to have been forewarned. The building was supposedly destroyed by a terrorist attack, but no one was able to account for other explosions that took place and the actual destruction of the building. The FBI had an instant suspect. The remains of the destroyed building were quickly removed from the scene before they could be seriously evaluated. Hundreds of local people who were at the scene question the official version of events. The FBI methodically visited and harassed witnesses who publicly...

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