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Remember the underwear bomber?

A total fraud When will Michael Chertoff be investigated? It’s┬áDecember 22, the anniversary of the “underwear bomber” He – and Michael Chertoff – are the reason why air travelers are now forced to go through medically untested body scanners. In case you forgot, the “need” for this “security” equipment was based on a total fraud. Good insight into how the criminals in the FBI make eye witnesses accounts disappear. Michael Chertoff is involved with the company that makes this equipment and shilled aggressively both before and after this bogus event. Michael Chertoff: The profiteer behind the scam. Brasscheck TV...

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Former Dallas police chief calls out bad cops

The rarest thing on TV When is the US going to clean up its police? Do you ever hear cops criticize bad cops? It happens, but very,very rarely and almost never publicly. Instead, they close ranks and state that everything police do, no matter how outrageous or criminal, is justified. Then they burn through millions of dollars every year having their criminal actions defended in court free to them at tax payer expense and when multi-million dollar judgements against them come in, that gets paid by the taxpayer too. Here’s a man who was Chief of Police of Dallas...

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Who funds racist “experts?”

Study: “Fear Inc.” Meet the maniacs behind the Islamophobia network How do you pollute the country – and the world – with poisonous racist ideas? It just takes money and a network of paid hatchet men. I’ve been seeing the handiwork of these guys for well over a decade now. The irony is the biggest funders of this crap are a handful of wealthy American Jews (often people who’ve inherited their money). It’s not a lot of people, but they have out-sized influence. The ironic part is the very same anti-Muslim bigots these people are funding are ready to...

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What’s wrong with this picture?

“Reality Winner”, really? A look behind the curtain It’s amazing how fast the FBI works when they want to make a political statement. A leaker with the name “Reality Winner.” Really? Instant arrest an hour after a leak? Right before a high profile Congressional hearing? Our good friends at the Corbett Report and Media Monarchy take a wide ranging and sharp look some recent news. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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Reagan and Guatemala genocide

Trump’s people are not the only maniacs to inhabit the White House At least 100,000 people killed While Reagan was running for president, some retired US generals who supported his campaign went to Guatemala. Their mission: To let the elites there know that if he was elected he would reverse Carter’s policies and support their plan to “eradicated dissent.” The result: At least 100,000 people killed. Brasscheck TV needs your help Brasscheck TV relies on viewer contributions to keep going Donate...

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