9/11: Disappearing explosions

Now you hear it, now you don’t

The media makes the reports of internal explosions disappear

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In the minutes after the initial attacks on the World Trade Centers, reporters on the scene clearly reported MULTIPLE explosions in both buildings.

These live reports were somehow left on the “cutting floor” when the final version of 9/11 was packaged for the public.

This video is interesting, especially when you watch it along with:

1. “The 9/11 Solution” which shows what appears to be staged eye witness reports and instant analysis designed to implant the idea of “plane strike + fire = building collapse” which we now know to be a physical impossibility.


2. “September Clues” which shows evidence of manipulation of the “live video” of the plane strike on the South Tower.


We all “saw” the second plane strike, right?

Yes we did.

But we saw it on TV – and only on TV.

There are NO still images of this event and seemingly ALL the “eye witnesses” who saw the second plane strike the South Tower were news media people.

The only exception is an unidentfied man who appeared on the scene right after the second tower fell claiming he saw the second plane hit and offering a “scientific” explanation as to why the tower fell – months before even government studies put forward an explanation.


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