A catastrophic medical fraud busted – 40 years later

No such thing as a chemical imbalance

The $1 trillion+ pharma scam

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Forty plus years ago, I was one of the first generation of undergraduates in the nation to be enrolled in a neuroscience program.

I was lucky enough to have Bart Hoebel, the scientist who charted the dopamine pathway in the human brain, as a professor.

Forty years ago, he told us quite clearly that to alter brain chemistry with pharmaceutical drugs was a very bad and very dangerous idea.

Now, every idiot school teacher feels qualified to prescribe amphetamines (that’s what Adderall is) to fidgety eight year old boys. And that’s only the tip of the Big Pharma psychoactive apocalypse.

Here’s the bottom line: The “scientific” basis for all these drugs was based on total garbage science.


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