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A CIA-Hollywood Commercial for Torture

Zero Dark Thirty

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Don’t spend a penny on this piece of crap

This movie is so full of lies and nonsense it’s hard to know where to begin.

The movie glamorizes torture and inaccurately portrays it as effective and a good source of intelligence.

The whole thing is a promo piece for the idea of the State as a group of swashbuckling CIA heroes out to “protect the Homeland.”

One deliberate specific misdirection very early in the film.

One of the torture victims is said to have sent a wire for $5,000 to one of the so-called 9/11 conspirators.

This helpfully obscures one of the biggest untold – but thoroughly documented – stories of 9/11…that the head of Pakistani intelligence not only wired $100,00 to Mohamed Atta before 9/11, but was also having breakfast in Washington DC the morning of 9/11/01 with Senator Bob Graham and Rep. Porter Goss.

One virtue of the film – which you don’t need to pay money to enjoy – is that it shows, accidentally, how completely full of s*** the Navy SEAL story is.

They had HOURS to conduct an autopsy back in Afghanistan and HOURS more on the plane which supposedly brought the body to the ship in the Indian Ocean to dispose of it “according to Muslim religious practice.”

That no positive identify was established scientifically, that the man was shot in the face AFTER he was already dead, and that only one, maybe two, SEAL members ever saw the man’s face (like cops, they are professional liars) points to how easy it was to scam who actually was murdered that day – in cold blood, without a warrant, and without a trial.

Sadly, most popcorn eating Americans will absorb the messages this piece of crap intended to convey: Torture is necessary, we are at war with terrorists, the CIA and its torturers are cool and glamorous, and the US “got” Osama bin Laden in a “daring” raid.

BULLSHIT on every one of these issues.

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