A new way to ban gun ownership

Legalize marijuana and ban guns for marijuana users

The government never rests

We’re believers in the 2nd Amendment for a few few simple reasons.

First, it makes no sense for organized criminals (also known as the government) to own all the guns. Hitler, Mao and Stalin thought that was a great idea. Gandhi and Martin Luther King did not. They advocated self-protection with arms. Look it up.

Second, there is the issue of calling 911. What if 911 takes 20 minutes or 10 minutes or 10 seconds to arrive and you need to protect yourself and your family right now?

But government apes have found away to strike back. Legalize marijuana and then make it illegal for people who use medical marijuana – legally – to own guns legally.

I guess they think the better way is for criminal drug users to own unlicensed guns.

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